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You Won’t Believe What I Did This Weekend

Well everyone, I did it. I made a Twitter.

But before I go anything further, let me just take a moment and thank all of my guests who popped in and out of my Weekend Blog Party. You guys were amazing guests, so kind, thoughtful, and engaging with one another! So many of you were able to promote your own work and support one another’s. I had so much fun hosting that I am considering making it a monthly or bi-monthly occurrence. However, I’ll leave that up to you guys. Let me know if I should host another Blog Party and how often!

Back to Twitter: I kept seeing on multiple author/blogger sites that every author/blogger should use Twitter. In fact, I’ve heard that Twitter is the “most” successful at engaging followers, and although I’m not sure if that’s true, I figured I would expand my horizons and try it out.

However, now that I’ve dived into this new form of social media, I find myself at a bit of a loss. Therefore, I implore my followers (particularly those with a Twitter account) to leave a comment with a link to their Twitter accounts (so I can follow) and their #1 Twitter Tip!

Here is mine!

Find me on Twitter and let’s tweet!



66 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What I Did This Weekend”

  1. Hi,

    I’m on Twitter @ruthrblair – I have it set to post my blog posts automatically. But I’m not so good at engaging on there. I did read recentlty that a tweet is really only visible when you follow a lot of people for 18 minutes, so you need to keep repeat posting for real engagement. You need a business WordPress for the plugins to do that for you – I’m not upgrading. I get very little engagement on Twitter, but then I get out what I put in, I suppose.

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  2. i’m on twitter, but don’t engage, so probably a waste of time. my weekly word press blog posts appear on twitter, but that’s about it. seems like a huge time waster to me, but some people love it, they love all the interaction and have strong opinions about things that they like to share. i like instagram, facebook, word press. occasionally pinterest. that’s enough already! 2-3 social media platforms is plenty.

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  3. Welcome to Twitter. Just an advice though. Don’t engage in arguments. People will try to provoke you and irritate you too. Don’t be ashamed of using the block button. Hope you enjoy Twitter life.

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