Did you hear?!

After detailed deliberation, I have decided to stop my querying campaign and SELF-PUBLISH my WIP Well of Dreams (WoD).

As many of my self-published friends have already discovered, self-publishing allows for higher royalty retention, more creative freedom, and an element of total control that I, as a type-A person, prefer. So what does that mean for my WIP Well of Dreams

Ideally, WoD will be published toward the end of the 2023 year! I’ll be honest, it’s a HUGE dream and an even larger undertaking, but I feel confident that with the right plan and motivation it can be done. With that being said, I plan on sharing my writing journey through my social medias, particularly Instagram. You’re going to see me figure out self-publishing as I go! So, if you are interested in getting to see the step-by-step process of self-publishing (from the perspective of a beginner experiencing this all for the first time), make sure to add me to your “Favorites” on Instagram.You won’t want to miss this!

Some Exciting Upcoming Reader Opportunities:

I am looking to build my Street Team! 
Ideally, this will be a group of fellow bibliophiles/authors who are interested in becoming Beta Readers, ARC reviewers, receiving early access to book news, cover art, character artwork, chapter excerpts and more! If you are interested in receiving early and exclusive access while also motivated to share and promote my book WoD, please check out my Street Team link!

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Interested in Learning More about the Street Team? Click here!

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