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Hunger Games Friday: Cinna – Friend or Foe?

Sweet Cinna, beloved by so many in both the Capitol and the Districts, is a character of mystery. After all, very little is known about his past. Various scholars and fans have hypothesized that Cinna originates from one of the various districts instead of the Capitol. Some have even gone so far as to say that perhaps he is Mr. Everdeen after severe plastic surgery. While that may be a bit far-fetched, these various attempts to understand Cinna’s backstory betray readers’ immense interest in his character.

Scholars too are fascinated by Cinna, some proclaiming him to be Katniss’s closest confidant while others claim that Cinna manipulates Katniss for the rebellion similar to how other stylists manipulates tributes for the Games.

After all, he constantly pushes the Mockingjay aspect of her wardrobe, without her previous consent; he creates the rebel image through her image.

And yet . . .

Image result for Cinna gif

He seems so supportive of Katniss, often protecting her and strengthening her through his design choices. Also, Katniss truly loves him and sees him as one of her only true friends. Is it enough?

In my book, The Agency Games, I will explore the relationship between Cinna and Katniss, investigating the strength of their individual and combined agencies, perhaps answering the question of Cinna’s loyalties for once and all.

What do you think about Cinna? Was he helping Katniss or was he simply using her as the face of the rebellion? Leave your comments below!

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