My Bookshelf

My Bookshelf

Hello Everyone!

As I said a week or so ago, although we are writers we are also readers!

As for myself, I am a HUGE reading enthusiast and I assume that many of you are as well. So I have decided to create a section on my blog called “My Bookshelf” Underneath this section I will post what I am currently reading, or what I’ve read in the past, and why I think you might enjoy it as well.

I would love to hear from you guys though. What is worth the read??

Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


Happy Writing & Reading

47 thoughts on “My Bookshelf”

  1. I love reading biblical fiction. One of my favorite authors is Jill Eileen Smith who is currently doing a series of Women in the Bible. By the way are you on ? If so, friend me on there and see all my reads! Leona Atkinson 😊

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  2. If you like suspense/thrillers, Dean Koontz can be very good. I say “can be”. When he’s good, he’s really good, but he’s had some duds that had disappointing or overly rushed endings.
    His latest new works: The Silent Corner and (pt. 2) The Whispering Room seem to have him back at the top if his game!

    Some of his older books I really liked are: Phantoms, Midnight, and Lightning. Another good one by him is: The Vision. Fast-paced and great wondering-what-happens-next suspense.

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