Update on Poetry Contest

This contest has been such a success!

First, I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the participates and even to those who are not participating but are sharing the contest for others to see.

There were over +50 competitors and you all brought your A-game!

I am seeing SO MUCH TALENT in these poems, it’s incredible. Honestly, there are so many amazing poems that I will likely give the grand prize (the publicity and the book) to the winner but I will also name the second and third place winners.

Also, I plan on periodically posting the poems that I found particularly wonderful. I say “particularly” because most of these poems are indeed wonderful. If there are any poets who are participating and do NOT want me to share their poem on my blog, please be sure to tell me so in the comment section below.

Again, a HUGE thank you to everyone involved! Remember that the last date to submit is November 20th and I will be announcing the winner shortly after on November 21st 😀

Also, if you are just seeing this contest, there is still time to get in your submission! Please be sure to read the original post for all rules:



Happy Writing Everyone!

15 thoughts on “Update on Poetry Contest”

  1. I have written my poem, Kayla Ann and it will go out this week. I am sharing your posts on twitter but I noticed that your blog is not linked to twitter. If you have a twitter account you can link them by changing your settings in wordpress.

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    1. I look forward to reading your poem, be sure to submit a link or copy and paste under the Poetry Contest post!
      I don’t have a Twitter, at least not yet (lol), but thank you for the advice
      If you want to just screen shot that you have shared the Poetry Post and paste it in the comment section of the contest, I will be sure to apply those extra +2 points to your submission

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