Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Craft #2: “JOY” Wine Bottle Decor

Hey Everyone!

Today for Blogmas, as my present to all of you, I thought I might show you all how you can create beautiful, holiday wine decor bottles for yourself!

Step #1: Acquire, clean, and paint your bottles

Now, I’m not suggesting that you become an alcoholic, but you are going to need some empty bottles: wine, liquor, whatever. (While it’s more fun to use the different shapes for the snowman, you will want to use similar shapes and sizes for the JOY decor)


After you’ve collected your bottles, you will need to spray them your preferred color (white). Let them dry and then spray them again. You will almost always need 2+ coats of paint.


Step #2: Acquire Craft Supplies

For these “JOY” wine bottles, you will need three wine bottles of similar height, three branches of red holly, a branch of mistletoe (which you will cut into smaller branches), a glue gun, stencils of your choosing, red glitter squeezable paint, and a ball of twine. (These supplies can range anywhere around $15-$70 depending on what you get and how much you get)

Step #3: Creating the Design

After stenciling on the letters of your chosen styling, you will need to fill in the letters with red glitter glue. Make sure to give a thick layer as it will flatten and thin out as it dries. (These will take a full 24 hours to dry).



Step #4: Seal in the Design

A full 24 hours later, your glitter letters will have thinned down and you will want to spray the whole bottle with clear sealing spray paint. After this coat has dried (another hour or so), using the hot glue gun you will apply layers of twine to the top of the bottles.


Step #5: Become the Florist Your Always Wanted to Be

Remember those holly berries and mistletoe branches from earlier? Create a lovely Christmas-themed floral arrangement coming from the tops of those bottles as your finishing touch!

There you have it! The whole process takes about 2-3 days and the various supplies can be found at most craft stores.

They make great presents too!


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