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Writing Tip: Get ENGAGED… in your community :)

This writing tip is all about COMMUNITY. Perhaps you have heard me mention this word before? Just a couple of times, maybe?

Sometimes as authors we have the wrong understanding that when another author succeeds, we fail. However, this is incorrect. Another author’s success is not my failure, and it is not your failure. In fact, another author’s success can also lead to my success, to your success. Let me explain.

By engaging in writing communities we have the opportunity to learn from others and also to teach. We can share our experiences. This only works in a realistic reciprocal relationship within the community. From asking questions or joining in conversations we can learn how other authors succeed:

What are their tips and tricks?

What is their advice?

How did they do it?

What would they have done differently?

Where does my writing belong?

Who would want to read my writing?

As writers, we all want to write, to be read, and more importantly, for our words to be appreciated. Because writing also depends on the reader, there is that inherent need for community. So this week I encourage you all to find a writing community:

  • This can be a Creative Writing club at school or an online facebook group. I personally belong to two groups: “Authors” and “Writers Helping Writers”. Within these groups I engage with others, I ask questions and offer comments.
  • WordPress itself can be your writing community, but again that means becoming involved. Do not just visit other blogs and drop your link and leave copy/pasted comments. You really have to engage on a realistic level.

As always, be careful on social media, use common sense, but get out there and learn about your community. You will find that it really is helpful!

*If you enjoyed today’s Writing Tip be sure to check out additional tips under the “Writing Tips” category on my home menu!

Do you already belong to writing groups? If so, are there any you’d like to share? 

Happy Writing Everyone!


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83 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Get ENGAGED… in your community :)”

      1. Thankyou! Everyone is so positive here! So wonderful to be welcomed with open arms! I blog about things everyone can relate to. I’m a mom in college recently engaged just taking it day by day and sharing my experiences and thoughts with the world and making new friends along the way!

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