Review: Murder on the Orient Express (Movie)

If you’ve been near a television lately you might have seen some commercials for a new suspense movie that recently came out called Murder on the Orient Express. In case you haven’t seen it yet, take a quick look at the trailer:

My first assumption from the trailer was that this movie was going to be a type of Clue-remake where we discover that it was the woman with the candle stick in the engine car type of thing. I was only partially correct. The movie does hinge on the question “Who done it?” but that is not the only thing this movie has going for it.

Our main character is Hercule Poirot, pronounces Her-cue (he clarifies this starting that he hasn’t killed any lions like the famous Hercules although some may miss the quick joke). A private detective with a particular eye for balance, Poirot boards the Orient Express hoping to get some rest in between cases. As we Writers already know, this is a movie, and if the protagonist wants something they should not get it, at least not easily. Indeed, an avalanche, a flirtatious woman, a scoundrel, unequal eggs, and a murder later, Poirot is feeling the completely opposite of rest! Although an extremely bright detective, this case alludes him for most of the movie. However, as the puzzle comes together, the answer seems more baffling than the journey. Poirot claims, “There is right. There is wrong. Then there is you.” After all, it’s all about finding the balance between good and evil, between right and wrong.

As this movie is still in theaters I have no desire to spoil it for anyone and so I will keep certain details to myself. Although, for anyone who has watched it I would love to have a conversation concerning the ending in the comment section. (please be aware that the comment section is a spoil alert zone so scroll at your own risk). Oh, did I mention that Daisy Ridley (best know for her portrayal of Rey in Star Wars) is also in this movie? It drove me crazy the entire time because I couldn’t place her face until the credits There are some interesting things going on concerning justice, revenge, race, and morality.

Before I end this review though, I would like to point out something that I did not know going into this movie. It is a remake, but not of Clue. It’s a remake of the 1974 movie which is an adaptation of the 1934 book written by Agatha Christie which is a fictional narrative concerning the true story of The Lindbergh Baby. Do the research at your own risk as it will spoil this movie for you.

Overall, the movie was paced well. The dry, yet quirky humor throughout was a nice break from the continued suspense of the movie. The ending was… different. Good, but different. About in hour in, I did make a prediction that was halfway correct, but only halfway. Be sure to keep your ears open or you’ll miss some important clues!

I would definitely watch this movie again and I suggest that you do too if “who-done-it” is your kind of film! Also, Kenneth Branagh who played Hercule Poirot did an excellent job both in acting and directing!

23 thoughts on “Review: Murder on the Orient Express (Movie)”

  1. I am not particularly into remakes unless the casting is really (!!) worth it… which seems the case of this one. Plus.., an old classic revisited … pure joy 😄😄😄! Thank you for suggesting!

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  2. Cool. When I saw the trailer I thought it would be like “Clue” too. I think this year, the movie that I’m most excited to watch is “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

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    1. It was like Clue in the “who done it” sense, but other than that, it was its own movie. And the fact that it was based on real events always heightens the movie for me.
      I can’t wait to see it either, I already have my tickets for December 14th!

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      1. Really? I didn’t know that.

        I won’t be going to opening night. There’ll be too many people. I’ll go a few weeks later. Have fun!

        Btw, nice fb page you have there.

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        1. Yup, based on the Lindberg baby incident.
          I completely understand that being a bit claustrophobic when it comes to people. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.
          Thank you for checking it out! Do you have a facebook page where I can reciprocate the support?

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  3. Very good review. I must admit I’ve never read Christie’s book, nor seen the earlier movie adaptation. I also wasn’t aware of the Lindbergh kidnapping/murder tie-in. Now I have to read the book and see the current movie. Thanks for an interesting post! 🙂

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  4. Great review! I’m looking forward to watching this; the trailer looks awesome. I did not know it was about the Lindbergh Baby case…I’m going to hold off doing any more research until I watch the movie and/or read the book.

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  5. I post movie , book and other kind of reviews as well and I really enjoyed your review. You have a really nice blog as well. I have followed your blog to make sure I see your future posts.


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