Would you like FREE criticism on your POETRY?

Hello Everyone!

The poetry contest was an absolute success and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you to everyone who participated, your wonderful poems were read with extreme pleasure.

As a professor of English, a book-enthusiast, and a closet-poet, I could not help but wish to offer constructive criticism on the poems as a thank you to many of the poetry contest participants!

However, it is up to YOU if you would like to hear it.

i tried daniel radcliffe GIF

Therefore, if you so desire (unlike Dan up there), I am offering a FREE critique/response to your single poem that you submitted to the contest if you so desire. At this time, I am only offering feedback on poems that were previously submitted to contest. There are only a few rules.

  1. Please be aware that even if I LOVED your poem, I am offering constructive criticism which may include suggesting that you change your poem
  2. If you are desiring such a critique, please comment below with the link to the poem you chose so that I can easily access it. Also, please provide an email for me to contact you with the critique.
  3. After I have given you my critique, please RE-POST your poem, how you improved it, why you made the changes (or did not make the changes) I suggested and link back to my blog.
  4. Now of course, I cannot force you to do this as I will have already given you my input so I’m kind of going off an honor system here and hope that if you find the free critique helpful in any way that you will return the favor by reposting and linking back to my blog.
  5. Also, due to time constraints I am only guaranteeing to critique the first 20 poems posted in the comments below, but I will note if I am able to do more at a later date.


If you are interested please comment below with your poem.

Also, because of the expected high demand, please be aware that I will be going in order of who comment first and am only guaranteeing to critique the first 20 poems posted in the comments below. It may take me several days to return your poem with comments.

I will note if I am able to do more at a later date.

If you have any questions, please ask!


Happy Writing Everyone!

82 thoughts on “Would you like FREE criticism on your POETRY?”

    1. I’m so glad that you found my critique helpful! I wouldn’t have know it if you hadn’t said something, your writing is wonderful and I genuinely enjoy reading your blog. I too find writing to be restorative 👌🏻


    1. Hello, I am currently only offering the free criticism to those who participated in my poetry contest, but stick around, I’m thinking about offering an open criticism to the rest of my followers as well at a later date 😀

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