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Writing Tip: Set a Scheduled Time

Read any “How to Write” books, watch any author talk about how they did it, and they’ll tell you: They protected their writing time. 

This is the advice I have heard a thousand times and it’s the advice I’ve given out multiple times (even when I sometimes fail to follow it). Want to know why?

It works.

Today’s tip works for writing fiction, short stories, non-fiction, poetry, and especially blogging! If you are a writer of any kind, you must be intentional with your writing time. If you are waiting for your schedule to open up or for inspiration to hit, you’ll end up like me and a thousand other writers who find that months fly before you sit down to write again.

Of course, it’s super easy for me to tell you, “Just be intentional with your time.” (I think I can hear some of you rolling your eyes at me. I might have even rolled my eyes a bit.)

No matter how great and how TRUE this advice is, it’s just not that simple! Between jobs and life, family and friends, scheduling writing time is nearly impossible for the average writer who must support themselves and their families with a full time job.

Part of learning how to schedule your time is learning how to take advantage of the time we are given. Currently, all around the world, literally in almost every country, people are facing an extended period of free time. Writers are being forced away from their livelihoods in what has become both a blessing and a curse. While I cannot and do not want to minimize what people are going through, I want to encourage writers everywhere to spend their new “free time” pursuing their craft instead of losing another eight hours on the couch binge-watching the latest Hulu original.

Starting today, we must make a choice on how we intend to spend our “free time.” Take a hard and honest look at your daily life. Is there an hour (or more) that you spend watching tv that could be dedicated to writing? Even if you do not feel inspired, you should sit down at your computer and write. Dedicate that hour to writing something, it doesn’t even have to be good!

And yet, even with this new free time, there are numerous people who are just as busy as ever. With that in mind, let me ask you this: Can you add an extra 30 minutes to your busy day? Depending on whether you are a morning bird or a night owl, can you extend your day by 30 minutes by getting up early or going to bed late? Even if you do not feel inspired, you should sit down at your computer and write. Dedicate those 30 minutes to writing something, even if its only a few words.

Whether its 30 minutes, an hour, or longer, by holding to this schedule, you are setting a routine for yourself so that when inspiration does strike, you will be ready!

As for me, I plan on setting aside at least an hour every morning to write on a new book (more to come about this in a coming post).

When do you plan to schedule your writing time? Let me know in the comments!


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25 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Set a Scheduled Time”

  1. I will be honest and say that I always find time to write, Kayla. Not every single day but a lot of days. I work full time in corporate finance and have two kids and a husband. It is about determination and discipline. I know a few authors who work full time, who get up early in the morning to write.

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    1. It’s hard, no doubt, but I truly think this is one of the keys to “making it” as an author. It’s the idea that no matter the obstacles, writing remains a priority. It’s one I’ve succeeded and failed at.

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  2. I agree. I’m taking every opportunity to write. I’m able to just write and not think about it. Plus, I am able to read more which helps get the creative juices going.
    Thank you for the advice and motivation.

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  3. Since I am retired, it is easy for me to find time to write. With that said, I schedule my writing time when I have the most energy. Morning time is for reading and then I gear myself up for writing. I make myself take a break from my computer every hour otherwise I would be at it all day.

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  4. Yes! Planning and being intentional with time is so important! I like to write as early in the day as possible. I find that my motivation is at its best when I first wake up, and I can make myself a big pot of coffee, which seems to get my creativity flowing also.

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    1. I find that my writing is best in the morning, and yet at the same time, my creative thought process is best at night. I can literally loose hours of sleep because I’m “writing” out my next chapter in my head.

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      1. That is interesting! So, essentially you are planning in the afternoon/evening/night what you are going to write about the next morning. Are you one to keep a notepad by your bed? I find that ideas strike me at random times throughout the day also, and I use an app to jot them all down.

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  5. I completely agree. I just wrote a newsletter on this very topic, discussing the importance of finding time to write. For me, getting up a half hour early every morning is the only way I ensure getting writing done each day.
    Thanks for the post!

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    1. I’m finding that the morning is productive for me as well! I think through the next scene in my head at night and then get it all out on paper in the morning. I would love it if you could send me a link to your newsletter!

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