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Poetry Contest

Contest is NOW closed, thank you! I will be holding another contest in a couple months 😁


Are you a poet? Do you enjoy writing poems until your heart is sore or until it soars?

Well, I happen to LOVE reading poetry so I would like to hold a poetry contest! Read the rules and prizes below!


  • To be eligible for this competition you must be subscribed to my page (i.e. following and receiving emails.) Not subscribed yet? No worries! Go to my home screen and click FOLLOW (I’ll receive a notification when you do :D)
  • Leave your poem or a link to your chosen poem in the comments below.
  • I will be using a point system to chose the winner:
    • You will receive 5 points automatically for subscribing (everyone must subscribe to be eligible)
    • You will receive another 2 points for sharing the contest on your your own blog and linking back
    • Your poem will be rated on a 1-10 scale based on creativity, structure, content, and overall awesomeness. While we are near the holidays, you do not have to write a holiday poem (although you are welcome too as well!)
    • Technically someone can still win without sharing my contest, but sharing would provide additional points for any poems that are tied.
    • Because of the expected high volume of submissions, please keep your poem at a reasonable length. For sure no poems 3 pages +. If you have any questions regarding length, feel free to ask in the comment section!
    • You can only submit one poem per blogger.
  • Last date for submissions is November 20th!


  • The WINNER of this poetry competition will received two things
    • FIRST, their poem and their blog/bio will be featured on my site. This will be a great chance for you to get some publicity on another blogger’s site.
    • SECOND, they will receive a copy of The Dazed Starling. This journal contains poetry and short stories (one of which is mine!)

Dazed Starling

So get writing, because I cannot wait to start reading!


440 thoughts on “Poetry Contest”

  1. When I first saw you, I didn’t see what I see now. I didn’t see the little freckle under your eye, I didn’t see the way your smile looked on you. I mean, of course I saw it, but I didn’t see it.
    It wasn’t familiar, you weren’t familiar. Nothing special, just some girl I met. But now.. You’re the only familiar thing in a world full of change. Everything changed, but you didn’t.
    You were there in my dark nights, when I was tearing myself apart. You picked up pieces of my broken heart off the floor and put them together how you saw fit.
    You didn’t mind the blood..or the scratches, stitches, and bruises that cover my heart.. You just put them back together.

    But I swear…when you were sewing me shut you must have gotten pieces if your own heart stuck with mine, you were broken too, you had pieces of your soul cracking and falling off.. They must’ve gotten mixed because from that day forward you were mine.
    You were a part of me. It was like you had always been there and hadnt ever been out of sight..
    But now.. I can’t see you anymore.. You disappeared. You left.

    That day you left. So did I. I mean, I was still here. But was I really..?
    I changed. You had my heart still. You must have torn me open in my sleep and taken your own heart back. I didn’t know you would leave. I didn’t know I was going to wake up with an aching, bloody chest and no sign of you..
    My heart was missing bits and pieces of it.. Pieces of me were gone. You took them.

    You must be happy, after all.. You do have an extra piece of soul. You left me lying there with my chest freshly cut open.
    I’m sorry for letting you fix me, I’m sorry for not being more careful with those labels. You can keep heart.. Everything. Keep it.

    That day you left, you took me away from myself.

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  2. YOU.
    You are aligned to what I am destined to salvage from this long forgotten battlefield
    I stand on the green grass stepped by a million and one feet
    Left to say nothing and speak nothing of a human brave enough to step out of her own backyard
    You have seen as much as the ground that pulls all of us back to the core of the earth
    Holding us down
    Down and down
    Gravitational pulls are a child’s play compared to making love to the woman you would die for.
    Lie for
    Lay for
    Lay with me on this green grass that has been corroded of its purity
    No cavities on this green horn. Nothing but just its bare truth for you to salvage
    You, it is you that I want to protect and I would kill anybody for you if I really need to be a savage.
    Are you willing to run away from the long arm of the law with me?
    Nobody else but just us and our Lana del Rey jamming as we cover the mileage.

    You run on my mind just as much as the countless skin pores on my skin
    Hell, I don’t even think my skin has enough room for you
    For your immense love and senseless wander
    For your extreme methods of exhibiting the unforeseeable thunder
    For you I listen….
    I listen as you take your love like it’s ketchup sauce and smear it all over my skin
    Are you trying to cover my skin pores?
    Are they not good enough for your excellence?
    DO I not exfoliate waste and take in fresh waters just like the green grass on the battlefield?
    For you, I lay down my green heart made out of glass and then you want to smash it with a hammer
    Tell me, will my heart weep in the rain as it approaches the end of summer?
    Coz at this moment I presume you know what I feel much more than me.

    You have control over me
    You amuse me yet you hunt me…
    Haunt me
    Assault me
    Remind me of my dark once promised happy place that we used to lay
    Bare chested with one beating heart and four nipples salvaging of what is left over after a long day
    Say it. Say that you have my back much more than this green grass that we lay on
    Cry on

    You run on my skin just as much as the sun travels over the sky
    You…you take away my light just as much as the moon does when I see it up on the sky
    Without fail You lifted me up to the sky just as much as time does to the sun every fine morning
    Without warning I am left to fall to my death
    All I see is the green grass on our battlefield
    I should have known that it was weed all over the field
    Now I am left with nothing but unwanted growth to yield.
    For a split moment my mind finds pure, green peace in the thought of being killed
    Being a property to death as she yields my soul and I fade away to oblivion

    -Red art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi

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    1. Thank you for your interest in this contest however the last day for submission was Nov. 20th and the winners have been announced. I’ll be hosting another contest in a couple of months and would love to see a submission from you then!


    1. Hello, thank you for your interest in the contest. Unfortunately, as the rules show the last date to submit was Nov. 20th and the winners have already been announced. I’ll will hold another contest on the future and would love to see a submission from you then 👍🏻👍🏻

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