The Agency Games

Who is Peeta Mellark?

For today’s Hunger Games Friday, we are going to be discussing one of Panem’s favorite celebrities. That’s right, Peeta Mellark!

Loved in both the districts and the Capitol, Peeta knows just how to present himself to his best advantage, often changing his “identity” based on how others view him. Throughout the trilogy he cycles through different personas such as the boy with the bread, tribute, Victor, lover, hijacked Mutt, and maybe at the end, he becomes Peeta again. With such a variety of identifiers, some readers are left asking the question–

Who is Peeta Mellark, really?



Image result for peeta mellark hunger games bread
The Boy with the Bread?







Image result for peeta mellark hunger games tribute
The tribute?


Image result for peeta mellark hunger games victor
The Victor?


Image result for peeta mellark hunger games lover
Image result for peeta mellark crazy choking
Hijacked Mutt?

The way in which Peeta allows him identity to seemingly evolve throughout the narrative has interesting effects on the discussion of agency which is normally based on a strong sense of solid identity.

With so many different roles, it may be hard to discern who Peeta Mellark truly is. In Chapter 5 of my book “The Agency Games” I will demonstrate the exact core of Peeta’s identity and how that directly effects and strengthens his ability to know and exercise agency.

Of the above identifiers, which do you think best describes Peeta Mellark? 

10 thoughts on “Who is Peeta Mellark?”

                1. That protective instinct is strong with Peeta’s character.
                  I definitely deal with the idea of whether or not Peeta ever returns to his “Boy-with-the-Bread” status in my book, but I love hearing your opinion on his character.


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