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Writing Tip: “I Could Stop If I Wanted To…”

Recently, I blogged about the importance of recognizing when you need to STOP writing. Today, I’m going to talk about this same topic, but from a different perspective.

On Friday of this past week, I worked on final edits for They Agency Games from 9am to 4pm (and still didn’t finish. I put in another four hours yesterday and I plan to do another four hours today after publishing this blog post). Toward the end of Friday, my back and eyes straining from sitting at a computer for so long, all I thought was “Why am I doing this to myself?


Then it occurred to me. Out of the blue, I had the sudden thought: I could stop. I didn’t have to keep going. If I wanted to, I could stop that minute and never go back to it. I could leave the book unfinished. The thought struck me so deeply that I had to pause my editing process to briefly write down these first two paragraphs so that I wouldn’t forget to blog about this later. Now let me explain why this was so important and actually a positive thought and not a negative thought.

Yes, I could have stopped, the fate of the world was not dependent on my writing. However, as much as my back hurt and my eyes burned, I did not want to stop. As soon as I thought that I could stop, my mind rejected it, because I was proud of what I had accomplished and what I was so close to accomplishing.

Sometimes, we need to stop writing and other times, we need to push through. Sometimes, this is what it means to be an author, a poet, a blogger. Sometimes, being creative and chasing after your dreams requires for your back to ache, your eyes to burn, and your brain to throb. Now, obviously, I’m not saying it should always be like that and yes, breaks are SO important. Eventually, even I reach my wall where I know I need to stop because I am no longer being productive.

Still, this moment, this thought that I could stop, was so important for my writing process because it reminded me how much I enjoy what I do, regardless of the stress that I sometimes feel. The fact that I thought I could stop, but didn’t want to stop, only strengthened my resolve to not only finish my current book, but to then jump into other projects as soon as I am able.

I apologize if today’s post was a bit more rambling than usual (I’ve definitely got editor’s brain today), but I hope that it was at least encouraging to some of you.

When you hit your wall, when you think, I could stop, just remember why you are writing, blogging, creating, etc. Remember how far you have come and how much further you are still able to go.

Happy Writing Everyone!

Wish me luck as I hope to finally finish The Agency Games today and have it sent to the editors by midnight! I plan to be more active on WordPress as soon as I can.


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19 thoughts on “Writing Tip: “I Could Stop If I Wanted To…””

  1. “Sometimes, we need to stop writing and other times, we need to push through.”

    I have had that feeling more than once as I hope to birth my book baby after a 5-year pregnancy very soon. And I can relate to having a love/hate relationship with the creative process.

    My best to you as you continue developing your own book baby, Kayla Ann!

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    1. Hi there Marian! Thank you so much for your comment and I love how you metaphorically relate our writing process to pregnancy and labor, there are definitely some similarities between the two.
      Thank you for your support!
      What type of book baby are you working on?

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  2. This is so true! I’ve had this exact thought before. Been so tired I thought maybe I should just quit. It’s not like I’m making millions off my writing anyway. Yet, I can’t make myself stop writing permanently. I can walk away and take a break, but ultimately writing is simply part of me; part of why I exist. I could no more stop writing than I could stop breathing. It’s as though it truly is an involuntary reflex I have no control over. And I love it!

    Best wishes to you on your project! I’m anxious to hear how everything goes!

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    1. Yes, Heather! Exactly what you are saying, that! I am not a fan of the stress and pain that can come with writing, but I can never give it up because I love it far more than any of the negatives associated with writing.
      Thank you for your support! I am coming out with an update blog post soon!

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        1. Oh Heather thank you! I’m glad to be back! Definitely need to start exploring to see what awesome blogs I’ve been missing (I think I’m gonna start with yours!)
          Oh it really was those, everything I dreamed and more.

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  3. I can relate, KaylaAnn! When I am too tired, I tend to make mistakes. With that said, sometimes when I am tired and I push through, I am happy with my results. I feel a lot of it has to do with my determination.

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