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When Writer’s Block is Caused by a Lack of Creativity

As noted in the introductory blog, “5 Reasons Behind Writer’s Block,” there are several reasons why writers are often prevented from writing. The five primary reasons include:

  • Lack of Time to Write
  • Sickness
  • Work
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Home Responsibilities
  • ***Fear*** (Added later due to comments on original post)

The first step to overcoming Writer’s Block comes from the need to discover why the writer is blocked in the first place. Once you have establish the why you can work on how to move forward.

Lack of Creativity = Finding Inspiration

Image result for empty well

Are you feeling all dried up? Your metaphorical well of creativity is empty with only sand at the bottom and walls that echo and mock your best efforts? What you need is a high dose of inspiration! Luckily, inspiration can be found in a myriad of places.

  • The best place for an author to find inspiration is in reading. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand, especially when an author is feeling low on personal creativity. Go reread that series that first inspired you to write. Find something that you aspire to.
  • If reading isn’t doing it for you, I suggest looking at Fan Art. Now, I know some of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking about clicking elsewhere, but hear me out. Fan Art is some of the highest praise out there. People love a series so much that they take hours to create art celebrating that series. Whenever I look at fan art, it motivates me to write something that someone will consider worthy of fan art.
  • Still can’t write? Start writing down in a journal what happened to you this week. Yes, I know this can be a bit tedious, but take some time to write down the most interesting thing or whatever you can remember. This will get you writing (even if it’s not very good). Then try to turn that writing into a minimalist poem with only a few words per line and no complete sentences. This exercise will at least help get your brain back into writing mode.

Writing is not always easy, and tapping into a truly creative vein can be as difficult as producing diamonds, but the effort is always worth it.

Happy Writing Everyone!



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16 thoughts on “When Writer’s Block is Caused by a Lack of Creativity”

  1. For me, trying to do something entirely different, but that is creative in itself also works or at least helps. When the writing well is a bit dry, trying something creative, but wholly different gets those creative brain cells moving. At times forcing the creative writing process into gear can be like trying to get water from a stone – a petty tough slug.

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    1. Oh, that is a great idea! I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but now that I think of it I have done something similar. Sometimes I’ll sing karaoke in my kitchen until I get inspired again LOL. Does that count?

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  2. I love the tip about fan art! It’s been my new favorite thing to start looking at fan art as soon as I finish a book. It also really inspires me, which I felt was kind of weird (like who am I to think people will love my book enough to create art about it) but that’s so cool I’m not the only one lol. It’s definitely a great motivator. 🙂

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