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When Writer’s Block is Caused by Home Responsibilities

As noted in the introductory blog “5 Reasons Behind Writer’s Block,” there are several reasons why writers are often prevented from writing. The six primary reasons include:

  • Lack of Time to Write
  • Sickness
  • Work
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Home Responsibilities
  • ***Fear***

The first step to overcoming Writer’s Block comes from the need to discover why the writer is blocked in the first place. Once you have establish the why you can work on how to move forward.

Home Responsibilities = Setting Priorities

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Are you a parent? Trying to juggle cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids, working, and writing? Are you a college student? Trying to do homework, feed yourself, find a job, tidy up that dorm room (once a semester)? Whoever you are, it is probable that you have more than just one responsibility. The average human does not only work a job, but they maintain some sort of living area (whether that is a dorm, an apartment, or a house.) Many people have children, or siblings, or dorm mates that expect certain things like food and cleanliness. Whatever the reason, there will always be different home responsibilities pulling on your time and reducing your ability to write.

Time to make some priorities:

  • Now, if you are a parent, your children will always come first (and in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that). However, even as a parent, you still have some room to prioritize.
  • Make a list of all the things you need done in that week (or even over the course of three days). This list will usually include: cooking, surface cleaning, laundry, work, dishes, showers or bath time, etc.
  • Schedule out these priorities and while you’re at it, add in writing. For example, you could schedule a weekend like this:
    • Friday – Focus on the Family Night with Dinner, Dishes, and Games
    • Saturday – Wake up Early before kids to Write, do laundry throughout the day, put in a load of laundry, be with the kids
    • Sunday – Wake up before kids to write, Church, set aside time to shower and bathe the kids, finish hanging laundry, prep for Monday’s lunches

Overall, the best way to work around multiple responsibilities is to intentionally prioritize and schedule what it is you want done and when you want it accomplished.

Happy Writing Everyone!


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12 thoughts on “When Writer’s Block is Caused by Home Responsibilities”

  1. Always enjoy your encouragement for writing. For me, your tip about creating a list of things to get done works. There are only 24 hours in the day so schedule what can be accomplished reasonably, including writing. Scheduling bath time? lol…yeah that too!

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  2. Sticking to a schedule has been helping my writing, I am obsessed with calendars and I finally have decided to schedule my own writing time and reading time which includes reading friends and Internet friends blogs as well. It’s so important and it makes me happy so why not? Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Angie you are so right! And you took it a step further in the blogging world. It’s not just about writing, but it is also about reading other peoples post and joining a community. I talked about it before and I’ll keep talking about it, because community is so key to a successful blog.

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  3. I too experience writers block every 6 months. May be a little more frequent though. And I feel maximum of them is caused by the stress to write eveb better than before and present something nice to my readers which can set new benchmarks. Would love to overcome these hurdles though. Nice Post. Keep Glittering, love TGA by Misha 😊👍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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