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The Brotherhood of the World Award

Thank you

@ClaireYangWrites for nominating me for The Brotherhood of the World Award! I am seriously so thankful for you thinking of me. Claire is an awesome young writer who is constantly publishing new and exciting stories and poems. I especially love her newest poem “A Gray Day.” You should definitely go check out her blog!
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About the Award

I’m new to this world of blogging so I don’t know much about the award, all I know is that it is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. If you have been tagged you have already won the award of recognition! This award is a way for bloggers to highlight one another and learn more about them.


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Answer the questions sent to you.

3. Nominate around ten bloggers.

4. Create your set of questions for your nominees.

5. List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post and/or blog.

Questions for Me:

1. Why did you start blogging?

  • I started blogging because I wanted to get more involved in the writing community and I have heard that blogging is a good way to interact with others. So far, I AM LOVING this experience. It’s also very cathartic.

2. What is considered a good day to you?

  • Every day that I am alive is a good day. My best days involve being around my loved ones and feeling productive, especially in my writing!

3. What is that one song that motivates you to move forward?

  • Ironically the other day I was feeling very down on myself and was having low-productivity. All the sudden, the song “I have confidence in me” from the Sound of Music came on and I was instantly energized!

4. How far back into your childhood can you remember? As in your first memory.

  • I actually can’t remember a ton of my childhood but I do have some blurry recollections of “playing house” at my preschool and being scared of bees.

5. If you could go back in time and redo something, what would it be?

  • Two days again. I hosted my first LIVE event and it went great, except for some technical difficulties. I might want to go back and just re-adjust the technical issues.

My Nominees:

I nominate all of my followers who have been so supportive and each have amazing blogs!



Questions for my Nominees:

  1. What do you primarily blog about?
  2. What is your favorite movie adaptation from a book?
  3. What are your ultimate aspirations?
  4. What advice would you give to new bloggers?
  5. What do you consider success when blogging?


12 thoughts on “The Brotherhood of the World Award”

  1. Don’t mention it. You deserved it. Also, thank you for the compliment. I love your answers. They’re so positive. Looking forward to your next post! 😀

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