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Going Live! Easy as pie, …right?

You’re ready. You’ve planned an awesome LIVE video, you even have notes sitting in front of you and a water bottle next to you in case you need it. You are completely prepared. Nothing will go wrong! Then that green light flashes on and suddenly you realize, you are LIVE.

Once that LIVE video starts, there is no going back or fixing the problems that arise. There is only “moving forward” and pressing on through your mistakes.

I am new to the world of blogging and I am new to the world of LIVE videos. Yesterday I attempted to host and moderate my first LiveForum, some of you may have seen it. For those of you who did, you will notice that my feed was rife with technological difficulties. Cameras glitched out and microphones overlapped. It wasn’t perfect, far from it.

However, you might also have noticed that there was A TON of great information shared by my fellow authors about writing, editing, and publishing. Through personal stories, they shared how to succeed as a writer. If you can press through the technological issues, you will definitely hear some awesome advice.

So here’s my advice concerning going LIVE:

  • Plan ahead. While we cannot plan for every situation, planning ahead will help you when things go awry. For instance, when one author’s camera malfunctioned, having my agenda helped me to move on to the next topic instead of wasting time freaking out that we were not going in order.
  • Be flexible. Things happen, and when they do you cannot lose your cool or shut off your camera. You have to go with the flow and attempt to keep things moving.
  • Don’t go crazy. Here’s the thing, I had an agenda with sub-points and I planned to put each up on the screen. Then after it was over I realized that my sub-point just said “Welcome” the entire time. If I had simplified it for myself I could have just put the title of the event. So be kind to yourself and simplify it.
  • Give yourself some grace. Things might go wrong, it’s a learning process so be kind to yourself, learn from your mistakes, and try again! 🙂

I’m not an expert, but I hope that my learning experiences will help all of you too!



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12 thoughts on “Going Live! Easy as pie, …right?”

          1. Your welcome! 😀

            Actually, with these kind of awards, as long as you’re nominated, it means you already got it. It’s just a way for bloggers to show appreciation for other bloggers and to allow other people to visit your blog. It also gets other bloggers to find out about your blog too. Does that make sense?

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              1. Sure thing. 🙂

                When you go to write a new post, there should be an icon that looks like a pin. When you hover over it with your mouse it should say Insert/edit link. After writing something, you highlight it. For example, to link back to me you write Claire Yang. You copy the name of my url, click on the pin icon that I just told you about, after highlighting my name. When you click on a pin, you should see a box that says url title, you paste my url onto there. While underneath that box should appear the box labeled link text, it should read my name, which you just highlighted earlier. This is called a pingback on WordPress. You can make a pingback to any post, as long as you copy and paste the post url onto the url title box. Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining. I hope what I said makes sense. ^^”

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          2. There is no big announcement from the creators of WordPress or anything. At first when I was nominated for an award, I thought there would be a big announcement too. ^^

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