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“New” Summer Project (80,000 Words in 10 Weeks Challenge!)

Hey Everyone! Man, I have an exciting announcement today!

I really want to share with you my latest project! It’s both new and old at the same time. I began writing a fantasy fiction series back in Middle/High School (over a decade ago). I spent years on it, finishing it, revising it, changing it; in college, I even submitted several chapters for review during my Creative Writing classes. I officially finished the 394 page book four years ago.

I haven’t touched it since. Not until last week that is.

For four years, this finished novel has sat and waited for my attention to return. I am grateful for the distance, we both needed it, but I am ready to dive back in! Having read through the entire thing last week, I can see the potential in my writing, but I can also see the weak, “youthful” (let’s admit it, cheesy) areas of my writing as well. Therefore, I have decided that my latest summer project will be to return to this fantasy fiction series with a twist and a challenge!

My Plan for the Summer (80,000 Words In 10 Weeks Challenge):

  • Strip down the old version to the studs and create an outline of main events & characters (Currently in this stage)

  • Streamline the story; remove the unnecessary components (“cheese”)

  • REWRITE the entire thing. That’s right, not edit, REWRITE. Word Count Goal = 80,000 Words in 10 weeks!

  • Reach my word count goal by the end of summer (August 7th) and begin the editing process while querying publishing houses.

It is entirely possible that I am biting off more than I can chew, but I know that by being open about my intentions here on WordPress, I will be more motivated to actually reach my goals. Just as I did with Agency in the Hunger Games, I will be setting bi-weekly goals to project on my social media author sites to keep me accountable.

So here it is; my 80,000 Word Challenge Progress Chart!

80,000 Words

I begin today May 29th starting at a “0” Word Count!

That means that I am attempting to write approximately 16,000 every two weeks! The goal is to have written 80,000 Words by August 7th!

In the comments below, let me know what you think! Can I hit the 80,000 Word Count in just 10 weeks or have I, maybe, lost my mind from the COVID-Quarantine?

Project Updates

June 12th: Goal = 16,000 Words

June 26th: Goal = 32,000 Words

July 10th: Goal = 48,000 Words

July 24th: Goal = 64,000 Words

August 7th: Goal = 80,000 Words


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