The Destructive Sin

Burn it all down.

A small spark once took root

Inside the maiden’s heart

Healthy at first,

That evolved into a poison dart


Burn it all down.

The anger that grew

Into an inferno

Directed out at the world

Aimed like an arrow


Burn it all down.

Once it’s all done, she’ll strut

Through the smoke, bold as brass

Grinning at the world

She reduced to ash.


***Credit for the amazing image displayed alongside this poem goes to Marta Dahlig. I found her collection of the Seven Deadly Sins years and years ago. When I decided to embark on this project, I immediately recollected her collection and knew that I wanted to showcase her amazing art. If you love this picture, be sure to check out her other work on DeviantArt.


This series of poems was written in response to a prompt that I saw on Pinterest.

Wrath, also known as rage or anger, is perhaps the most physically destructive of all the seven deadly sins. Wrath is the perversion of honest anger or the over excessive obsession with revenge.

Happy Writing Everyone!


***Please know that I am currently reblogging old blog posts while I am away getting married and going on my honeymoon! I will not be able to approve or reply to comments until late June.***



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