Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Contest Winner

Before I announce the winner I would just like to say thank you to everyone who participated. You guys really did what I asked and engaged with one another in the comment section. So thank you for being a part of this Blogmas community this December!

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Now, to the contest!

There were many great submissions but my top three included:

Third Place:

The Ultimate Secret Santa Gift Guide by A Teen Called Tara: Looking for some great gifts for the loved ones (and not so loved ones) in your life? Secret Santa should no longer be difficult with these gift ideas from Tara! Check her out!

Second Place:

How to Survive (the family) Holidays – 13 Joyful Hacks – by A Fish Named Karen: While I am blessed to get along really well (with the majority) of my family, I know that this is not the same for everyone. Struggling to get through the holidays? Take a read, Karen’s got some great tips!

That mean the First Place Winner is . . .

Do You Believe? Written by the wonderful Eugenia

“Santa’s sleigh topsy-turvy

leaving a swath

of holiday drama.

Splendid gifts wrapped with care

lost in a quilt of clouds

for evah and evah!

But, wait! Elves to the rescue

and every gift retrieved!

Hey, li’l children

gather around coz

’tis no fallacy the

miracle on 34th street

is to be believed.”

Thank you again folks to everyone who participated! I hope that you all had wonderful Christmases.

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Winners of the End of Summer Poetry Contest are. . .

Thank you to everyone who participated in this poetry contest, to everyone who reblogged, liked, and commented, to everyone to watched the LIVE broadcast, THANK YOU.

Let me also add that this was one of the harder contests that I have ever judged. I went back and forth numerous times over my top 3. In the end, I judged based on relevancy to summer, structure, flow, emotional appeal, and syntax.

Now, without further delay, here are the results of the End of Summer Poetry Contest!

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In third place, we have a tie!

Both TShaw and Eugenia produced such wonderfully succinct, summer-themed poems with wonderful diction that I could not decide between them. They tie for 3rd place!

From T.Shaw, we have “Yesterday, I Saw Time

“Yesterday, I saw Time

Strumming a guitar. Digits

Professing that

Summer was gone,

Chewed, and swallowed like

A grape. Still, he picked

Strings, pining for her

To return and sing.”

From Eugenia, we have “Cyclical Activity

“relics in the sand

farewell hush of ebbing tide

summer whodunits

cosmos of cosmos

hazy lazy dog days wane

summer slumbers

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In second place, December Rose and their poem “Shimmer in Blue“!

I was designed                               for a shimmer in blue                       for a merry sailor tune

for all of the things                                      that titillate you

I can see                                  the wide open sea                                  the salt air breeze

like a veil and ring                            like my bride to be

and so                        I ebb and flow                                    I ne’er let go

let the words sing                      into an ocean throe.

Now my heart throbs                       and floats and bobs                          as I ask the cob

why roots start growing                       where there’s a meal on the hob.

He looks at me with a tear in his eye         he says to me that he learned to fly

on a warm, summer day with a clear blue sky      but for every memory adventures bring

you never forget your first goodbye.

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In first place, and winner of the End of Summer Poetry Contest, we have Jillian’s “Pause at Sunset”

“Guilded rays of dusk strike
their tendrils through the tree leaves;
the rale of the Summer season
as nothing more than the Zephyr
that moves through the green
in a calm waft
or breeze.
he is appreciated
in southern heat
sticky skin relieved
if but for a moment
’til cool showers can clean off
the gritty salt
of another day’s hard work.

They call for Autumn to come early
come quickly
but will soon regret
Summer Death
when Winter Frost unseats her.”

(Check out more of this amazing blogger HERE!)

And just like that, the End of Summer Poetry Contest is finished!

Thank you again everyone! With my busiest season right around the corner, I most likely will not be hosting another contest until December when I will be hosting my annual Blogmas Contest! Be sure to check it out then! Meanwhile, get back to blogging, writing, painting, reading, or whatever else you love!

-Kayla Ann, Author

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Poetry Contest CLOSED

That’s it everyone!

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The poetry contest, opened in October is now closed. However, it is not “done” quite yet Frodo, I still need to announce the winners!

I will be tallying up the points all night from such wonderful submissions. I truly have a difficult choice before me.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem, shared the blog post, or just said hello. You guys have been great! I was hoping that this would be an enjoyable event in my blogging career and guess what:

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I had so much fun! I hope you did too. Be sure to pop around the comments and check out each other’s poetry.

                 You waiting on the results               vs.                       me trying to decide the winners 

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I will be posting the winners of the Poetry Contest tomorrow at 8am Pacific Standard Time.