Winners of the End of Summer Poetry Contest are. . .

Thank you to everyone who participated in this poetry contest, to everyone who reblogged, liked, and commented, to everyone to watched the LIVE broadcast, THANK YOU.

Let me also add that this was one of the harder contests that I have ever judged. I went back and forth numerous times over my top 3. In the end, I judged based on relevancy to summer, structure, flow, emotional appeal, and syntax.

Now, without further delay, here are the results of the End of Summer Poetry Contest!

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In third place, we have a tie!

Both TShaw and Eugenia produced such wonderfully succinct, summer-themed poems with wonderful diction that I could not decide between them. They tie for 3rd place!

From T.Shaw, we have “Yesterday, I Saw Time

“Yesterday, I saw Time

Strumming a guitar. Digits

Professing that

Summer was gone,

Chewed, and swallowed like

A grape. Still, he picked

Strings, pining for her

To return and sing.”

From Eugenia, we have “Cyclical Activity

“relics in the sand

farewell hush of ebbing tide

summer whodunits

cosmos of cosmos

hazy lazy dog days wane

summer slumbers

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In second place, December Rose and their poem “Shimmer in Blue“!

I was designed                               for a shimmer in blue                       for a merry sailor tune

for all of the things                                      that titillate you

I can see                                  the wide open sea                                  the salt air breeze

like a veil and ring                            like my bride to be

and so                        I ebb and flow                                    I ne’er let go

let the words sing                      into an ocean throe.

Now my heart throbs                       and floats and bobs                          as I ask the cob

why roots start growing                       where there’s a meal on the hob.

He looks at me with a tear in his eye         he says to me that he learned to fly

on a warm, summer day with a clear blue sky      but for every memory adventures bring

you never forget your first goodbye.

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In first place, and winner of the End of Summer Poetry Contest, we have Jillian’s “Pause at Sunset”

“Guilded rays of dusk strike
their tendrils through the tree leaves;
the rale of the Summer season
as nothing more than the Zephyr
that moves through the green
in a calm waft
or breeze.
he is appreciated
in southern heat
sticky skin relieved
if but for a moment
’til cool showers can clean off
the gritty salt
of another day’s hard work.

They call for Autumn to come early
come quickly
but will soon regret
Summer Death
when Winter Frost unseats her.”

(Check out more of this amazing blogger HERE!)

And just like that, the End of Summer Poetry Contest is finished!

Thank you again everyone! With my busiest season right around the corner, I most likely will not be hosting another contest until December when I will be hosting my annual Blogmas Contest! Be sure to check it out then! Meanwhile, get back to blogging, writing, painting, reading, or whatever else you love!

-Kayla Ann, Author

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Poetry Contest: Congratulations to . . .

Buuuuuuuuuuut, before I announce the winners, I would just like to say “Thank You” to every single participant.

There were 100+ submissions! 

You guys made this contest an amazing experience and surpassed all my expectations! It was SO difficult to pick the winners as so many poems were of equally amazing caliber. Therefore, even if I do not post your poem today in my Top 3, I will be posting my “Top 25” poems later on through four separate blog posts.

Thank you for your wonderful submissions!

While I initially thought I would only announce the winner, I decided it was necessary to announce my Top Three Favorites.

So, without further ado . . .

*Drum roll please*

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Our THIRD PLACE winner goes to . .

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Claire Yang’s “After Halloween”

“The Pumpkin King sits and watches

for every child who walks past him.

He waits, outside in the cold, in the front

of his subject’s home for the stroke of midnight . . .” (Click the above link for more)

I chose Claire’s poem for third place for her wonderfully whimsical subject matter. Through all the poems I read, her personification of the pumpkin king and the Halloween spirit stuck in my mind. Great job Claire!


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Our SECOND PLACE winner is . . .

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A Writer’s Soul’s “Moonlight”

“Feel me under your skin,
Crawling my way from your heart to your mind,
And watch this love expand just beyond the tips of your fingers,
Grazing the edge if these lips,
Left to roam the beginning of you and the ends of me,
Desire melting on the tip of your tongue
As it glides further and further from these lips,
Never knowing what I’m grasping here in the dark . . . ” (Read the WHOLE Poem here!)

I chose this beautiful poem for several reasons. A Writer’s Soul handled a delicate subject with finesse and sophistication. Their use of metaphor and imagery is beautiful and astounding.

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Lost Soul’s submission “Under A Vulgar Tree”


“The beauty of colours,
Blue of the welkin,
Orange from the sun,
Green of the grass,
Tranquility everywhere,
It was a perfect land, Utopia or Heaven?

Those two, living happily,
Laughing, having joyous smiles,
The effortless life,
The innocent lives,
The Divine two,
Not having slightest idea, all this while.

That the Forked tongue,
Will soon hiss the deceits,
Into her beautiful ears,
The fallen one,
Want them to fall too, Fate
Like his, he wanted to repeat.

And then she insisted,
Lured him towards ruination,
Together the beautiful creation,
Ate the forbidden fruit,
Loosing purity,
embracing corruption.

And with them,
All fell we, an endless catastrophe,
Making lust, loosing love,
Hiding us, with the leaves,
Now we all live,
Under a Vulgar Tree.”

I chose Lost Soul’s poem because of her beautiful illustrations of the Biblical story. The word choices were great, the imagery was beautiful, and the last stanza was stunningly eerie. Wonderful job Lost Soul!

Lost Soul began blogging in August 2017 and has 627 followers. Their motto is: “When the heart desires more and your eyes couldn’t see beyond the picture . . . then you need to search within you . . . all the answers to the questions unasked . . . and to search the meaning beyond the understanding . . . to search your soul. This is one such try . . . of a lost soul.” The goal of her blog is to write and write, and then write some more. Be sure to go and check out her blog!

 These top three poems were chosen due to their content, theme, diction, imagery, and flow.

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And there we have it everyone! Thank you again for participating!

Keep an eye on my blog for more posts including some spectacular poems from the contest!

  • (A REMINDER: If you do not wish for me to share your poem, please say so in the comments below).

Also, this went so well, I hope to hold a second contest in another few months! It will probably be on flash fiction 😀

Congratulations to our superb winners!

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As always, Happy Writing!