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Book Review Lottery – Drop Your Books HERE

This Book Lottery is Now Closed; thank you!

What’s the hardest part about being an author? Is it the planning, the outlining, the drafting, the editing? Is it the revising, the publishing, the promoting? Being an author is HARD, but sometimes the hardest part in simply getting people to choose your book out of the millions of books released every year! Even harder than that is getting someone who has read your book to REVIEW your book!

I see this every day; authors working so hard and yet it seems impossible for them to garner more reviews. This is where I have decided to help support my writing community as much as possible.

#SupportanAuthor #WriteaReview

Whenever I have the time/money, I will post what I call the “Book Review Lottery.” During the next 24 hours, the comment section will be opened to authors who want to submit their books for review.

Let me explain how it all works:

  • Authors will submit their book titles, genre, links, AND a compelling blurb advertising their book!
    • If you are missing any of these components, your book will most likely not be chosen.
    • Please no horror, gore, or erotica (Thank you!)

  • I will choose one of the books to read and review. I will let you know personally if I have chosen your book.
  • Time allowing, I will read and post a review to your book within a month.
  • The reviews will be posted on Amazon, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram (story), Facebook, and Goodreads.
    • I will only post a review if I feel comfortable giving it 3 stars or more. If I feel that the book deserves less than 3 stars, I will send my review directly to the author and ask if they still want me to post it on Amazon (only).


That’s it! So Drop those Titles, Genres, Links, and Book Blurbs in the Comments!


Your Arms

Are my stronghold

When I have no strength

I walk through these halls

I hold it it and smile

I nod, even though I never

Heard the question

My brain is numb

Although I swear I can hear

My heart cracking




But I must be


Mustn’t I?

Except for when you are around

Except for when I am held

Protected, safe, sheltered

In your arms

When I can allow myself

To be weak

And to weep

As I hear my hear

My heart shatter





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900 Followers and Counting . . . Time for a GIVEAWAY!

Thank you to all of my followers who have made this possible!

I started this blog in October 2017 and as of today, I have reached 900+ followers!

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This is such a huge accomplishment for me! I want to give a special shout out to those followers who I engage with every week! So to those who are regularly stopping by, liking, and leaving a comment, (you know who you are):

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Now, that I’ve hit the 900s, I want to host my first-ever Giveaway! That’s right, I’m going to reach for the stars and attempt to hit that 1,000 mark! Here’s how it will work!


Giveaway Prize:

  • In keeping with my love of The Hunger Games trilogy, I will be mailing out a brand new box-set, containing all three books to the winner of this Giveaway! This box set includes The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. You will receive it to the address of your choosing (within the United States) in plenty of time to read up and get re-acquainted with these beloved characters before my book The Agency Games is published. Don’t you just love the smell of new books? Don’t you love the Hunger Games? The odds could be in your favor to win, if you just follow the rules down below:


  • In order to win this fabulous box set, you must follow two simple rules.
    • You must be subscribed to my page to be considered for the drawing. Not subscribed yet? Not to worry, go to my home screen and click the lovely button that says FOLLOW 🙂
    • You must also reblog this Giveaway on your own blog and leave it up for the remainder of the Giveaway for an extra entry!

The Giveaway ends with the 1,000th Follower and the Winner will be announced the next day!


There you have it everyone! Thank you again so much for your support, it means the world to me!

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