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Poetry Selections from End of Summer Poetry Contest: Including Fiona, Soul Adventure, Kritika, Brandewulf, and Thoughts with Ari

Hello Everyone! The End of Summer Poetry Contest was an absolute blast! Congratulations again to our winner, _________!

While I chose to announce the top three poems/poets when I went LIVE, I knew that I still needed to share some more amazing poetry with all of you. So over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of my favorite selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest. (These do not come in any specific order or ranking.)

Here we go!

From Fiona, we have “And Then The Rain Came”

“Grass so parched it’s barely there

Brown and dry, scorched and bare

Land cracked and arrid, seeking some

Drops of water, from where will they come?

River beds empty, ponds forlorn . . . ” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


From Soul Adventure, we have “First Love…”


From KRITIKA, we have “Seasonal Emotions”

“. . . Days longer and nights shorter.
In those nights
I manage to always catch
A lone star hanging in the sky
Brighter than the others.
It reminds me of you. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)

From Brandewulf, we have “Moondance”

“This moon. That moon.
Shared in space but not in place.
One filtered through the trees
The other sea breeze scented.
Heartbeats apart in syncopation. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


From ThoughtsWithAri, we have “Waiting”

“The workload is overbearing now


it’s ticking and i can feel the pull of

seasonal change


I cannot . . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


Well that is it for today folks, stop back in next Thursday for another round of wonderful selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest! Another HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted their poems, you guys did an amazing job!

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