Let it Rain.

Just fall.

Condense, collapse

Pour down on me

Let it rain

Let it fall from the skies

Sheets, Buckets, Torrents

Of rain that blind my sight

That drowns out my hearing

That suffocates my breathing

Grey skies that darken, that roll, that rumble

Wind that howls and whips my hair into a frenzy

Fist-sized pellets of rain that sting my skin and eyes

Let it fall

Let it rain

Let it come down on me

Until I’m struggling, gasping, begging

For air.

There is a storm inside of me.




For a blue sky.


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The Storm


A hundred angels bowling

In the Heavens.

A quick flash

Lights up the room

An angel bowls

Another strike.

Houses shakes,

Pictures rattle

But I am safe

Protected by arms

And shielded

By your side.

Your smile reaches

The light reflecting in your eyes.

You whisper,

“It’s only thunder.”