Poetry Selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest Including: Sarah Al-Haddad, Walt’s Writings, Taylor Finn, The Woman, and Jason A. Muckley

As you all know, I was amazed with how the End of Summer Poetry Contest concluded and to keep the fun going, I’ve decided to continue sharing some of my favorite submissions.

 (These do not come in any specific order or ranking.)

Here we go!

From Sarah Al-Haddad, we have “Ocean”

“The waves
Keep calling
Your name.”

(Read more from this amazing blogger HERE!)


From Walt’s Writings, we have “A Summer Love Haiku”

“They met on the beach

While on summer vacation
Love ended too soon.”


From Taylor Finn, we have “

“The Summer flickers into the year with lingering regrets;
A medley of melted marshmallows and perfume laced bug sprays.
It’s not a storm like the Spring, raging in, forcing growth and change, no.
Summer stumbles with no direction, as if lost in all this sunlight. . .”

(Read more from this blogger HERE!)

From The Woman, we have “Summer of Darkness”

“. . . Sand and smiles with the
Saucy *shush* of the silver waves
Life and laughter lighting up
Little gatherings of lovers

Instead became
The season of death
Turning light to dark
Smoke blocking out. . .”

(Finish reading this story HERE!)

From Jason A. Muckley, we have “New Season”

“Summer is ending
The heat recedes
School buses roaming
And school bells ring
Local pools close their doors
Camps and cabins fall silent. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)

Well that is it for today folks, stop back in next Thursday for another round of wonderful selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest! Another HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted their poems, you guys did an amazing job!