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Blogging Tip: Responding to Followers

Gaining Followers is not the only thing that matters. Building relationships and dialogue with said followers is what really matters.

I’ve given this advice before: When blogging, be reciprocal. In other words, if you want more followers, it cannot just be all about YOU. It is about others, it is about your followers. So, if you want more followers, here is what I suggest:

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It does not matter if you have 10 followers or 10,000 followers, you should be responding to your followers.

When your followers leave a comment on your blog post, you should be thrilled! Someone has taken the time to read YOUR work! Isn’t that great? So let them know! Say thanks for stopping by and even ask questions, keep the conversation going.

Now that’s the easy way to be reciprocal. The harder way is visiting other blogs and leaving comments, but it is still so important! Why should people continue to visit your blog, sacrifice their time, and encourage you if you are not willing to do the same for them? Plus, it’s just so dang enjoyable exploring other blogs!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that it can be crazy hard to visit everyone’s blogs. It is hard for me. So here are a few different ways to address this issue:

  • Visit your reader daily and select at least 5 blog posts to open, read, and leave a comment. You will probably follow more than 5 blogs, so obviously you won’t hit all of the blogs you follow in one day. The next day choose 5 more blog posts to open but try to make sure that you are hitting blog sites that you did not visit the day before. Keep cycling and doing your best to hit different blogs every day and cycle them, that way you are visiting often without burning yourself out on the reader.


  • Next, when someone leaves comment on your post, you can respond to it and then click on their site. Go check out their latest post and leave a comment. Or if that post doesn’t strike your fancy, take a minute to find a post that you feel you can really respond to.

These are just two suggestions on how to make sure that you are engaging in other blogs. I try my best to do both. Those who comment on my blog posts are more likely to receive a like, comment, or both on their posts because I appreciate the time they have spent on mine.

Now, what if you have hundreds of comments on your posts? How are you supposed to respond to them all? Well, first off, that’s awesome to have so many comments! Congratulations, that must have been a killer post. Do your best to spread the love. Go through the comments, respond to them all there, and be sure to hit up as many sites in return as you can.

Reciprocation is key!

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Yeaaaa, this gif doesn’t exactly fit our topic but I just love Luke and Jess!

Happy Writing & Blogging Everyone!

How do you manage your Reader?



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