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A HUGE thank you to my 100 Followers!

Yesterday, November 1st I reached 100 followers after beginning my blog on October 7th. I cannot say THANK YOU enough to everyone who as followed, liked, shared, commented, or viewed any of my posts. You guys are awesome!

I hope that all of you will continue to find inspiration, encouragement, and direction from my “Writing Tips.” I am also super happy with the turn-out for the Poetry Contest. The amount of talent involved in that thread is simply amazing. It’s going to be a very hard to decide a winner. If you have the chance be sure to look at some of the other poems on the thread, I’m sure you will enjoy them and the other poets will appreciate your feedback 🙂

I hope to continue to grow (and if I don’t, I am so blessed already), but if I do, I just want you all to know that you have my special thanks for being there with me in the beginning. In future posts, I plan on continuing my writing tips, poems, and reviews. I also want to add a new section called “My Reading List” where I will let you know what I am reading, what I recommend, and hopefully get some recommendations from you as well!

A reminder that I will be posting up some strategies on how to promote your work and yourself tomorrow!

Is there anything that you are hoping I will talk about in the future? Any questions about writing that I could try to address?

I have gotten this far because of amazing followers! What do you want to see more of?

Thank you!

Happy Writing Everyone!

Writing Tips

Writing Tip: Read

Read? But we are writers, we write!

Yes, but we should also be READING.

A large part of what we do is based on what we know, what we have experienced, and what we have read. Let’s be honest, most writers are also reading enthusiasts. Reading and writing often goes hand in hand. Through reading we come to learn about this wonderful world of writing.

At one point in your life, a certain book or series truly inspired you. You decided, you want to write something like that. That’s because reading inspires and encourages. For me, that was “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins. Reading also connects us to others, whether they are fictional characters or real people who share the same interests.

In order to be a successful writer, you want to be a frequent reader. Now of course, you have deadlines to meet and reading every day may not be possible, but in your writing journey don’t forget or underestimate the power of reading.

Reading can be inspirational.
Reading can be an escape.
Reading can be an adventure.
Reading can be connection with others.
Reading can encourage.
Reading can be comforting.

What else, in your experience, can reading be?

In the comment be sure to answer, reading can be ______________.

Happy Writing (and reading) Everyone!



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Lloyd Chudley Alexander was an American author of more than forty books, primarily fantasy novels for children and young adults. His most famous work is The Chronicles of Prydain, a series of fantasy novels whose conclusion, The High King, was awarded the 1969 Newbery Medal for excellence.

A successful author of more than 30 publications, Lloyd enjoyed reading Shakespeare, Dickens and Mark Twain. He asserts that King Arthur is his favorite hero. If Lloyd Alexander can find the time to read and places so much importance on it, we should too.

Happy Writing (and Reading!) Everybody!



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