Walking in the Patch

One is tall and thin

Another is short and squat

Most are orange, some are albino

I don’t care, I’ll take the lot.

This short poem, intended to be a little silly, really does reflect a wonderful afternoon I spent out with my fiancé walking through a pumpkin patch. This pumpkin patch was attached to a farm that has become way too commercialized with carnival rides, games, food, and lines *literally* miles long. The patch itself is separated from all of the other stuff and it was surprisingly empty compared to its surrounding, but it was, by far, the best part! And it got me thinking.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in the “hubbub” of the holiday season that it flies right past us before we even realize it’s here. Taking some quiet time with a loved one, walking through a pumpkin patch, is definitely my favorite Fall memory this year.

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Happy Halloween! Recipes, Carvings, and Costumes.. oh boy!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

For this Halloween, I decided to share some of my annual traditions. Be sure to comment below on your own traditions!


Every Halloween, my family and I gather together to carve up pumpkins and harvest those delicious pumpkin seeds. You know this makes me think of a poem by Claire Yang, I suggest you read it 😀

Anyway, if you have never had pumpkin seeds before and you are interested in this delicious snack, here is what you do.

  • De-seed that pumpkin and do your best to get “clean seeds”. In other words, you don’t want giant mounds of pumpkin goop still attached. As you can see in the picture above, I have some goop left but not a ton.
  • Next, spread our your seeds on a baking pan (make sure to put down spray first) and cover with salt. (Hint: you want a thin layer of seeds)
  • Heat the oven to 400degrees and pop those babies in
  • After ten minutes take them out and flip them, resalt and stick them in for another 10min
  • Take them out, give them a couple minutes to cool and then enjoy your salty, crunchy, scrumptious snack!

The seeds are like a reward for all the hard work you put into carving your pumpkin. Here are some of my families’s pumpkins!


Can you guess which one is mine?

We also added in a new tradition this year as we are attempting to learn how to do royal icing cookies! These types of cookies take hours (sometimes days). For instance, this design took two days to cook and then frost since you have to allow time in between frosting.


This is the first stage of frosting plus some of our cooked pumpkin seeds! Anyone else’s mouth watering yet?

Here’s our finished product!


*Decided to treat the girls at work 👍🏻

My family never misses the chance to dress up! While I usually go all-out, this year I’m keeping it simple and going as a scarecrow while my boyfriend goes as the farmer. Here I am!


Is anyone else dressing up? What are your family traditions?

Be sure to comment below!