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Writing Tip: Do the Research Before Submitting Your Manuscript/Proposal

Once you’ve finished writing your book (or maybe even just an outline), it’s understandable that you would be super excited. It’s normal that you would want to share this grand new idea with others. It’s not surprising that you would want to start sending out that manuscript/proposal/query letters ASAP to all sorts of publishing houses.
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Let me take a moment to encourage you to do your research first. What does that mean?
First, do not find the biggest, baddest, most awesome publishing houses in the country and submit your manuscript without first looking through their submission requirements. Many publishing houses accept a variety of books, however, during certain months or time periods, they are only accepting specific genres. If you send in your fantasy book when they are only accepting horror novels, you can bet that manuscript will end up in the trash without a second glance. Also, when the publishing house gives very clear instructions how on the manuscript is to be sent in, be aware, those are NOT suggestions. They ARE requirements. You might have the world’s next best seller, but if you do not follow the rules, that manuscript once again ends up in the trash.
Second, there is nothing wrong with sending out your query letter/proposal/manuscript to various publishing houses at once, but don’t just send them everywhere without again checking in with the publishing houses. (In fact, some publishing houses request that you make them aware if you are sending your manuscript out to other houses). Look through their best sellers and what they are currently selling. This should give you an idea as to what that publishing house is looking for. If all they are currently publishing is non-fiction, they will not be interested in your book of poetry.
In other words, do the work. Put in the time and effort and research multiple publishing houses to enhance your chances of getting signed!

Happy Writing Everyone!

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