Blogmas 2017

3 Steps to Combat Post-Christmas Blues

Well, Christmas is *technically* over as of midnight last night. If you are like me, a full-time Christmas lover, this might be a hard time for you. You are being hit with the Post-Christmas blues! I’m going to offer you three ways to battle the post-Christmas blues:


  1. Take Your Time Moving Forward

    • There are six days left in December so why rush? There is no reason to automatically shut off your Christmas music or tear down your decorations the day after Christmas. So take a couple more days to appreciate the Christmas cheer.
  2. Make Cleaning Up A Party!

    • Once it is time to clean up all the Christmas decorations make it a party! Turn up that Christmas music nice and loud, make some hot cocoa, wear that Christmas hat/sweater/socks one last time, and eat some left over sweets while you put away the decorations and prepare for the new year.
  3. Look Forward to the New Year

    • New Years Eve is on December 31st and as the New Year approaches take some time to remember 2017. What were your best moments? What have you accomplished? Be thankful for what has transpired. Then, looking forward to 2018. What do you want to accomplish in the New Year?


I hope these three tips are enough to help battle your Christmas blues!