Last Day of End of Summer Poetry Contest

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

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KaylaAnn’s blog is currently celebrating the past Summer months with an awesome poetry contest!

Don’t forget, your poem must be themed around summer and you must be subscribed to my blog in order to be eligible to win the cash prize (payable only through PayPal) and promotion of your blog/work on my site.

Today is the last day, so get those poems in!

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The End of Summer Poetry Contest will close at midnight of August 31st PST. Winner will be announced on Facebook LIVE at 4pm PST

I can’t wait to RE-READ and SHARE all of these magnificent poems!

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End of Summer Poetry Contest Update


I have to start off this post by saying how impressed I am by the quality of poems that have been submitted to the End of Summer Poetry Contest! You guys are really amazing!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has reblogged the poem, your extra points have been attributed and you have successfully brought in more participants which is what really makes this a fun and thriving contest! For those of you who have not reblogged, you still can to gain those extra +2 points. Also, please do not forget that you must be following my blog for your poem to be eligible to win. I’ve read a handful of really superb poems from bloggers who are not following and it would be a shame for your poem to be considered invalid.

All around guys, you are doing an amazing job! Even from the return poets who participated in the last poetry contest, I can tell that your work is improving and evolving as you are maturing in your writing.

Again, I’m really impressed! You are all brilliant!

It is going to be extremely difficult to pick a winner!

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Speaking of a winner, don’t forget that I will be announcing the winner of the Poetry Contest first through my Facebook during the “All About Blogging” live event on September 3rd @4pm PST.

If you miss the live broadcast (I will be sad!) I will still announce the winner(s) on my blog the following day, September 4th at my usual time.

Happy Writing Everyone!

Keep those summer-themed poems coming!

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Going Live! You Won’t Want to Miss This!


Hey Everyone!

I am really excited to announce that on September 3rd, I will be going LIVE on Facebook to talk “All About Blogging” AND to announce the winner of the End of Summer Poetry Contest.

And all of you are invited to join me!


During this LiveVideo, I will be accepting any question from any viewer about blogging or writing or publishing. However, to help make this run smoother, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below between now and then so that I have a base to start with. I’m actually a little nervous/excited about going live again (the first time I was completely inexperienced) and I would appreciate your support on that day.

In the hopes that this video will not be unavailable to those in school, I will be hosting the video on September 3rd @4pm PST.

At the end of my LiveStream, I will announce the winner of our End of Summer Poetry Contest (which, let me tell you, it is really heating up! We have got some amazing competitors.)

Don’t forget to follow my facebook page so that you are able to watch on September 3rd:

Be sure to leave your questions about blogging, writing, or publishing in the comments below!

Happy Writing Everyone!

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Hello Everyone, it’s time to do this again!

Are you a poet? Do you enjoy writing poems until your heart is sore or until it soars?

I’ve held a poetry contest once before and I absolutely adored it! It was a blast and I got to meet tons of amazing poets and bloggers. For my current followers, you may have noticed an influx of poetry appearing on my own blog lately. What can I say, it’s simply flowing out of me! Anyhow, I am so excited to hold an “End of Summer Poetry Contest.” Unlike my first Poetry Contest, this contest is themed!

*Please be sure to read all of the rules, otherwise your poem may not be eligible!*

Summer (1)


  • To be eligible for this competition you must be subscribed to my page (i.e. following and receiving emails.) Not subscribed yet? No worries! Go to my home screen and click FOLLOW (I’ll receive a notification when you do :D)
  • Leave your poem or a link to your chosen poem in the comments below.
  • Your poem must be summer-themed! It does not have to be happy or beach or bright, but it does need to have some connection to summer. (A dark summer theme might be interesting)
  • I will be using a point system to chose the winner:
    • You will receive 5 points automatically for subscribing (everyone must subscribe to be eligible)
    • You will receive another 2 points for sharing the contest on your your own blog and linking back
    • Your poem will be rated on a 1-10 scale based on creativity, structure, content, and overall awesomeness.
    • Technically someone can still win without sharing my contest, but sharing/ reblogging would provide additional points for any poems that are tied.
    • Because of the expected high volume of submissions, please keep your poem at a reasonable length. For sure no poems longer than a page. If you have any questions regarding length, feel free to ask in the comment section!
    • You can only submit one poem per blogger.
  • Last date for submissions is August 31st!


  • The WINNER of this poetry competition will received two things
    • First, the winner of this contest will receive a $10 cash prize! (I know, I know, it’s not much but come on, you guys are fellow bloggers/writers/poets. Your empty bank accounts probably look a lot like mine). This $10 cash prize can only be awarded through PayPal, so please keep that in mind.
    • Second, their poem and their blog/bio will be featured on my site. I currently have over 1.4K followers. This will be a great chance for my followers to catch a glimpse of you and your blog!

So, sit back on a beach somewhere or perhaps in a meadow or maybe on a mountain top and start writing those Summer-themed poems!

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Poetry Contest: Congratulations to . . .

Buuuuuuuuuuut, before I announce the winners, I would just like to say “Thank You” to every single participant.

There were 100+ submissions! 

You guys made this contest an amazing experience and surpassed all my expectations! It was SO difficult to pick the winners as so many poems were of equally amazing caliber. Therefore, even if I do not post your poem today in my Top 3, I will be posting my “Top 25” poems later on through four separate blog posts.

Thank you for your wonderful submissions!

While I initially thought I would only announce the winner, I decided it was necessary to announce my Top Three Favorites.

So, without further ado . . .

*Drum roll please*

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Our THIRD PLACE winner goes to . .

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Claire Yang’s “After Halloween”

“The Pumpkin King sits and watches

for every child who walks past him.

He waits, outside in the cold, in the front

of his subject’s home for the stroke of midnight . . .” (Click the above link for more)

I chose Claire’s poem for third place for her wonderfully whimsical subject matter. Through all the poems I read, her personification of the pumpkin king and the Halloween spirit stuck in my mind. Great job Claire!


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Our SECOND PLACE winner is . . .

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A Writer’s Soul’s “Moonlight”

“Feel me under your skin,
Crawling my way from your heart to your mind,
And watch this love expand just beyond the tips of your fingers,
Grazing the edge if these lips,
Left to roam the beginning of you and the ends of me,
Desire melting on the tip of your tongue
As it glides further and further from these lips,
Never knowing what I’m grasping here in the dark . . . ” (Read the WHOLE Poem here!)

I chose this beautiful poem for several reasons. A Writer’s Soul handled a delicate subject with finesse and sophistication. Their use of metaphor and imagery is beautiful and astounding.

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Lost Soul’s submission “Under A Vulgar Tree”


“The beauty of colours,
Blue of the welkin,
Orange from the sun,
Green of the grass,
Tranquility everywhere,
It was a perfect land, Utopia or Heaven?

Those two, living happily,
Laughing, having joyous smiles,
The effortless life,
The innocent lives,
The Divine two,
Not having slightest idea, all this while.

That the Forked tongue,
Will soon hiss the deceits,
Into her beautiful ears,
The fallen one,
Want them to fall too, Fate
Like his, he wanted to repeat.

And then she insisted,
Lured him towards ruination,
Together the beautiful creation,
Ate the forbidden fruit,
Loosing purity,
embracing corruption.

And with them,
All fell we, an endless catastrophe,
Making lust, loosing love,
Hiding us, with the leaves,
Now we all live,
Under a Vulgar Tree.”

I chose Lost Soul’s poem because of her beautiful illustrations of the Biblical story. The word choices were great, the imagery was beautiful, and the last stanza was stunningly eerie. Wonderful job Lost Soul!

Lost Soul began blogging in August 2017 and has 627 followers. Their motto is: “When the heart desires more and your eyes couldn’t see beyond the picture . . . then you need to search within you . . . all the answers to the questions unasked . . . and to search the meaning beyond the understanding . . . to search your soul. This is one such try . . . of a lost soul.” The goal of her blog is to write and write, and then write some more. Be sure to go and check out her blog!

 These top three poems were chosen due to their content, theme, diction, imagery, and flow.

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And there we have it everyone! Thank you again for participating!

Keep an eye on my blog for more posts including some spectacular poems from the contest!

  • (A REMINDER: If you do not wish for me to share your poem, please say so in the comments below).

Also, this went so well, I hope to hold a second contest in another few months! It will probably be on flash fiction 😀

Congratulations to our superb winners!

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As always, Happy Writing!

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Poetry Contest CLOSED

That’s it everyone!

its done the lord of the rings GIF

The poetry contest, opened in October is now closed. However, it is not “done” quite yet Frodo, I still need to announce the winners!

I will be tallying up the points all night from such wonderful submissions. I truly have a difficult choice before me.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem, shared the blog post, or just said hello. You guys have been great! I was hoping that this would be an enjoyable event in my blogging career and guess what:

done the emperors new groove GIF

I had so much fun! I hope you did too. Be sure to pop around the comments and check out each other’s poetry.

                 You waiting on the results               vs.                       me trying to decide the winners 

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I will be posting the winners of the Poetry Contest tomorrow at 8am Pacific Standard Time.

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LAST DAY for Poetry Contest

Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that today is the last day to submit a poem to the contest. I will be closing the submission in 12 hours.

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There have been some INCREDIBLE submissions, it is going to be so hard to choose a winner!


Speaking of . . .


I will be announcing the winners TOMORROW!!!

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Update on Poetry Contest

This contest has been such a success!

First, I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the participates and even to those who are not participating but are sharing the contest for others to see.

There were over +50 competitors and you all brought your A-game!

I am seeing SO MUCH TALENT in these poems, it’s incredible. Honestly, there are so many amazing poems that I will likely give the grand prize (the publicity and the book) to the winner but I will also name the second and third place winners.

Also, I plan on periodically posting the poems that I found particularly wonderful. I say “particularly” because most of these poems are indeed wonderful. If there are any poets who are participating and do NOT want me to share their poem on my blog, please be sure to tell me so in the comment section below.

Again, a HUGE thank you to everyone involved! Remember that the last date to submit is November 20th and I will be announcing the winner shortly after on November 21st 😀

Also, if you are just seeing this contest, there is still time to get in your submission! Please be sure to read the original post for all rules:


Happy Writing Everyone!