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Getting Married! (and Signing Off)

My fiancee and I began dating in late 2011. I first met him on a blind date that had been set up by our best friends (who were also dating at the time and are now married with their own little girl). When I think back to the night, I remember how I did not even want to go out, and how my best friend forced me to go on the double date. God knows I have a lot to thank her for.

When I first met him in person, he was so shy, he barely said a word to me, preferring to talk to his best friend instead of me. I remember being frustrated and asking my best friend if he remembered that he was going on a date with me and not his best friend. But as the night went on he came out of his shell and I realized he was sweet, funny, a little crazy (driving at least) and immensely kind. One of my favorite things about our first few dates is that he never pressured me to hold hands, to kiss, or anything else. When we had our first kiss it was because I asked him.

He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first love. It only took three months for us to realize that we wanted to get married, but we were still so young. He gave me a promise ring and told me that one day he would marry me.

Well, it’s been seven and a half years since then and I am grateful for every moment: the good times and the hard times. Don’t let this world fool you, true love DOES exist, but it is nothing like the movies. True love is deciding to stay in love every single day. True love requires active participation on both sides. We stay in love with each other because we choose to. I can honestly say that I love him more today than I did yesterday and the day before that.

Now seven and a half years later, I finally get to marry the love of my life. In the next week, I will be married and the weeks following I will be going on my honeymoon. Having waited for this moment for so long, I want to be able to focus on us without any outside distractions. And so, it is an easy decision for me to say that I will be off WordPress until the end of June.

I know that all of my friends and followers will understand my absence and I am grateful for them. During the next month or so that I am gone, I will be reposting my older blog posts. Please feel free to comment, but know that I will not see them or be able to respond to them until the end of June.

Until then . . .

I’m off to get married!

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