Insomnia (A Poem)

10pm – filled with hope and a little bit

Of dread

Closing blinds, blocking out obnoxious

Street racers

Whose emissions startle with

Loud bangs


11pm – body relaxed; eyes shut tight

As a vice

Blanket on, blanket off, stick out

One foot

Pull it back in before boogey man

Grabs it


12am – worrying now, knowing

I’m awake

Antsy, anxious limbs kick a bruise

In the brain

Count sheep, think, of anything

Besides falling asleep


1am – Up again, to the bathroom, what else

Is there to do?

Bright hall light scalds, cover

Your eyes

Before they burn out and turn

To ash


2am – don’t think, don’t think

Just sleep

Blanket on, blanket off, stick out

Both feet

Screw the boogey man, he can

Bite me


3am – contemplating the use of extreme


Really, how much damage could

It cause

To bang one’s head against

The wall?


4am – birds separated by glass tweet

And chirp

Early risers, striving for that

Damn worm

Lucky I don’t own

A gun


5am – drowsy, body sinking,

Mud trap

Is this it, can it finally be time,

To fall

Asleep, oblivion, for only

A moment




7am – Alarm shrieks, shattering air.

Black Ring Bell Alarm Clock



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