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Going Live! You Won’t Want to Miss This!


Hey Everyone!

I am really excited to announce that on September 3rd, I will be going LIVE on Facebook to talk “All About Blogging” AND to announce the winner of the End of Summer Poetry Contest.

And all of you are invited to join me!


During this LiveVideo, I will be accepting any question from any viewer about blogging or writing or publishing. However, to help make this run smoother, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below between now and then so that I have a base to start with. I’m actually a little nervous/excited about going live again (the first time I was completely inexperienced) and I would appreciate your support on that day.

In the hopes that this video will not be unavailable to those in school, I will be hosting the video on September 3rd @4pm PST.

At the end of my LiveStream, I will announce the winner of our End of Summer Poetry Contest (which, let me tell you, it is really heating up! We have got some amazing competitors.)

Don’t forget to follow my facebook page so that you are able to watch on September 3rd:

Be sure to leave your questions about blogging, writing, or publishing in the comments below!

Happy Writing Everyone!

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Want to make money? Tune in Now to learn how by Jeff Goins

***All information belongs to/came from Jeff Goins. None of Goins points belong to me, I am sharing his work because I think you will find it helpful too! Check out his facebook page!

On October 18, 2017, Jeff Goins went live on facebook to talk about how to be a successful writer, publish more, and make money! And let’s be honest, we ALL want to know how to accomplish this so I’ve left the link for you to watch.

Here is his page link in case the video doesn’t load correctly you can go to his facebook page and find the video!

I HIGHLY recommend you watch the video though, it is super beneficial.


Questions (feel free to answer these in the comments!)

  • What kind of writer are you?
    • I’m a Worker Writer
  • What did you find the most helpful?
    • I particularly liked his idea of learning how to stay engaged with a audience as opposed to speaking to an empty auditorium
  • What was new information for you?
    • I never realized the importance of the email list, I have a lot to learn but I am willing!
  • What did you guys think?