The Agency Games

Hunger Games-Inspired Party Foods

We all know that it’s not a party without food! With the new Hunger Games prequel coming out soon, I can see a rise once again in Hunger Games-themed parties around the world. We all know, your party is only as good as your food. 


As I was planning my Book Launch, I searched all over the internet for Hunger Games inspired food and while I found some good ones (such as Johanna’s Lumber Sticks), I had a really hard time finding one cohesive list for every district. So, for all your food and Hunger Game enthusiasts out there, please enjoy a full menu for each of the 13 Districts of Panem!

District 1: Luxury
Glimmer’s Hand-Dipped Chocolate Strawberries

District 2: Masonry and Defense

Cato and Clove’s Kit Kat Bricks

District 3: Technology

Beetee’s Wires

District 4: Fishing

Finnick’s Fish

District 5: Power

Foxface’s Electric Lemonade

District 6: Transportation

Capitol Imported Tea

District 7: Lumber

Johanna’s Lumber Sticks

District 8: Textiles (Fabric)

Bonnie & Twill’s Assorted Fabrics

District 9: Grain

Capitol Bread Rolls

District 10: Livestock

Assorted Meats

District 11: Agriculture
Rue’s Summer Salad

District 12: Coal

Katniss’s Coal Cupcakes

District 13: Graphite Mining

Rebel’s Nightlock Berry Salad

Happy Hunger Games Everyone!

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!