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Happy Halloween

Black cats

A witch’s hat

Scary spooks

Whimsical flukes

Is this Halloween?

Frightening faces

Hidden places

Filled with dread

Of the risen dead

Is this Halloween?

Young smiles

That walk for miles

On tired feet

For buckets full of treats

Is this Halloween?

Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween!

I definitely do not enjoy the scary side of Halloween. I went to a small knock-off theme park for Halloween one year and I’m pretty sure I have been scarred by it ever since. I hate scary movies, but I love Halloween.

For me, Halloween is a time to dress up in our greatest fantasies. Little girls can be princesses and little boys can be zombies and for a couple of hours everyone else is forced to play along. We bow to our young princesses and pretend to be frightened of the zombies and these little ones LOVE it. They completely believe that we believe they are who they say they are. It’s a time filled with magic and fantasy and the suspension of reality.

That is why, every year, even if I am only passing out candy, I dress up! I play along! The thing is, as hopefully shown in the above poem, everyone views Halloween differently.

What about you? Do you enjoy Halloween and dress up along with the kids? Do you go out to Haunted Houses in the hopes of being terrified? Or do you shut your door and turn off the lights?

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Welcoming in October 1st with some Disney Magic!

Hello Everyone! We are finally in October, the true start of the holiday season that kicks off Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

I absolutely adore this time of year and to welcome in October, I am doing another Disney-focused blog: this time on one of Disney’s most popular Halloween-rides!

The Haunted Mansion:

Nightmare Before Christmas Style

The Haunted Mansion was first opened in August of 1969, featuring 999 happy haunts, although there is always room for one more *wink wink, nudge nudge.* And for five years, the ride remained the same throughout the seasons.

Image result for haunted mansion poster

However, in September of 2001, Disneyland re-imagined the Haunted Mansion with a holiday twist and so it adopted many aspects from the beloved film Nightmare Before Christmas.” In the 1993 film, protagonist Jack Skellington of Halloweentown feels empty of purpose and bored with the routine Halloween that passes year after year. He stumbles into Christmastown and, after kidnapping Santa Claus (all for the cause of course), chaos reigns. The line between Halloween and Christmas is erased (completely ignoring the fact that Thanksgiving lies in between). What we have left is a mishmash of scary and funny (a lot like the original Haunted Mansion itself.

Image result for nightmare before christmas facts

Currently, Disneyland hosts the Nightmare Before Christmas themed Haunted Mansion every year September through December. From the haunted elevator ride (ahem *stretching room*) to the spooky hallway to our main foyer, Halloween and Christmas can be seen everywhere! Zero’s bones have completely taken over the first room of haunted armor and pumpkins easily replace the singing-stone heads.

However, the greatest masterpiece displayed every year is the Gingerbread house! Made entirely out of edible gingerbread, handcrafted and uniquely designed, the Gingerbread houses are more and more elaborate every year. This year, the magnificent gingerbread house is accompanied by a ginormous spider who is quickly ensnaring the house within its grasp (and who can blame him? It looks delicious!)


As you travel throughout the ride, you will come face-to-face with many of the classic characters from the movie such as: Jack Skellington (complete in his Santa suit), Sally (dreamily leaning against a gravestone), Zero, the Oogie Boogie Man, and so many more!

The next time you drop by New Orleans, don’t miss out on this truly eye-popping experience!

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Happy Halloween! Recipes, Carvings, and Costumes.. oh boy!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

For this Halloween, I decided to share some of my annual traditions. Be sure to comment below on your own traditions!


Every Halloween, my family and I gather together to carve up pumpkins and harvest those delicious pumpkin seeds. You know this makes me think of a poem by Claire Yang, I suggest you read it 😀

Anyway, if you have never had pumpkin seeds before and you are interested in this delicious snack, here is what you do.

  • De-seed that pumpkin and do your best to get “clean seeds”. In other words, you don’t want giant mounds of pumpkin goop still attached. As you can see in the picture above, I have some goop left but not a ton.
  • Next, spread our your seeds on a baking pan (make sure to put down spray first) and cover with salt. (Hint: you want a thin layer of seeds)
  • Heat the oven to 400degrees and pop those babies in
  • After ten minutes take them out and flip them, resalt and stick them in for another 10min
  • Take them out, give them a couple minutes to cool and then enjoy your salty, crunchy, scrumptious snack!

The seeds are like a reward for all the hard work you put into carving your pumpkin. Here are some of my families’s pumpkins!


Can you guess which one is mine?

We also added in a new tradition this year as we are attempting to learn how to do royal icing cookies! These types of cookies take hours (sometimes days). For instance, this design took two days to cook and then frost since you have to allow time in between frosting.


This is the first stage of frosting plus some of our cooked pumpkin seeds! Anyone else’s mouth watering yet?

Here’s our finished product!


*Decided to treat the girls at work 👍🏻

My family never misses the chance to dress up! While I usually go all-out, this year I’m keeping it simple and going as a scarecrow while my boyfriend goes as the farmer. Here I am!


Is anyone else dressing up? What are your family traditions?

Be sure to comment below!