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Blogmas: Our First Christmas Tree

This Christmas will be the first year that I am a wife. It’s the first Christmas that I will be able to wake up and say good morning to my husband right away. This Christmas, although we will still enjoy time with our families, we are finding new traditions of our very own.

One major tradition change this year is the cutting down of our own tree. In my family we always had fake trees (less expensive and less of a fire hazard), but my husband adores real trees. He had been talking about cutting down a real tree for our first marriage for years. I couldn’t deny him this Christmas magic and so we went off in search of a little tree that could fit in our small studio.

It was harder than I thought it would be since we both were drawn to the tall, looming, expansive trees. I was often the voice of reason (“No, my love, a 13ft tree cannot actually fit inside the house unless you’d like to remove the bed.”)

Finally we found the perfect one!

We each took turns cutting it. (Okay, I took a very, very short turn and then gave the saw back to my husband. In my defense, I was also fighting a sickness that day.)

Finally, we had our tree ready to take home!

I was still a little nervous about it fitting in the small spot we had set aside for it, but of course, the hubby was right! It fit perfectly so we set to decorating it!

This is my favorite new tradition.

What are some of your favorite traditions for the Christmas season?