Alphabet Challenge

My Favorite Alphabet Challenge Responses for August

Starting just last week, the Alphabet Challenge is under way! Although we have only addressed the letter “A” so far, I could not help myself but to showcase some other bloggers who participated in the Alphabet Challenge!


Eugenia from PoemsNSuch created a lovely poem entitled “Affliction”:

afterthoughts awry

agonizing over life

a poignant satire

WriteandRong created a lovely piece of prose dealing with a new perspective on that emotion called Anger:

“More often than not, you noticed his vehicle inching up behind you. It was inconspicuous – bright red and roaring engine. Like he wants you to know he is there.

But as you count down from ten and looked again, the car was nowhere to be found. And you immediately forgot that he had appeared.

One day, his car managed to reach the road by your side. And he waits for you to enter.

But you walked away. Maybe not today.

Then it happened again. This time, the door opened automatically, welcoming you in.

And you closed the door. I’ll give it one more chance, next time it’s on.

Then the third time happened . . .”

I love reading how different bloggers can view the same prompt and responded to it in vastly different ways! This week we will be responding to the letter “B.” I cannot wait to read what you all have in store!



What is the Alphabet Challenge?

The Alphabet Challenge requires you to focus on one letter of the alphabet every week and to create a blog post concerning that letter. For example, Week One you will need to focus on the letter “A.” For this letter, you can write poetry, flash fiction, or even draw a picture, whatever you choose, as long as it features that specific letter.

For this challenge, I will be posting my response to each letter on every Wednesday of each week. That means that I will be working on completing this challenge from the months of September to December.

However, I do not want to do this alone! I am inviting each of you to join me in this challenge. Every Wednesday when I post my response to the Alphabet Challenge, I encourage YOU to comment a link that leads back to YOUR response to the Alphabet Challenge.

Why should you join the Alphabet Challenge?

  1. Engage in blogging community by leaving links to your response to the Alphabet Challenge and by checking out other bloggers’ links and posts.

  2. Enjoy the challenge of this four-month journey by stretching your writing muscles.

  3. Have a ready to go prompt for a blog post every Wednesday without having to worry about finding an idea

  4. And oh yea, every month, I will be choosing my favorite response to the Alphabet Challenge and sharing it on my blog (bringing more exposure to your blog!)

Happy Writing!

Credit for this wonderful photo goes to Amador Loureiro


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Blogmas Contest Winners & See you in the New Year

Before I announce the winner I would just like to say thank you to everyone who participated. You guys really did what I asked and engaged with one another in the comment section. I literally just sat here smiling while reading all the comments on one another’s posts. So thank you for being a part of this blogmas community this December!

Image result for you guys are awesome gif

Now, to the contest!

There were many great submissions but my top three included:

3. McGee Travel Tale’s “Hot Chocolate” recipe! Because who doesn’t love hot chocolate?

2. Ivor’s “My Lost Sock, A Christmas Story.” Because it brings together harsh reality and light-hearted whimsy!

That mean the winner is . . .

Dorinda Duclos from Night Owl Poetry!

Not only is her poem wonderful, but I absolutely adore it’s structuring. Check it out here and be sure to stop by her blog!

Spirit shines
Glows in our hearts
Brings us warmth within
Our home, filled to the brim
With love, family gathers
Exchanging hugs instead of gifts
Relating stories of days long past
Memories to share for generations


Thank you again folks to everyone who participated! I hope that you all had wonderful Christmases.


As for me, this will be my last post of 2018.

As you all know, life has been more complicated lately and I need the next week or so to simply address some of these difficulties in my life. My family deserves my full attention and honestly, my body needs some self-care. I plan on coming back strong in the 2019 and plan to see you all again in the New Year!

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Please Have Patience…

Today, I was supposed to announce the winners of the Annual Blogmas Contest. Unfortunately, my grandfather took a turn for the worse last night and we spent most of the night and early morning in the hospital. I plan to go through the submissions once more as soon as time allows and post the winners (possibly this weekend.)

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for his recovery.

-Kayla Ann, Author

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Annual Blogmas Contest Closes TODAY

Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that the last date to participate in the Blogmas Contest is on December 20th!

(That’s TODAY!)

I’m looking forward to going through everyone’s posts again and picking my favorite!

Image result for rules gif

Please be sure to read all the rules on the original post: Annual Blogmas Contest.Only those who have followed every rule will be considered.

Participating in Blogmas has been so much fun and I’ve probably spent way too much time online, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

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Happy Blogmas Everyone!

Have you read an amazing Blogmas post lately? Nominate it in the comments or encourage that blogger to submit it themselves! But you better hurry, time is running out!

Blogmas 2018

Annual Blogmas Contest!

Yep, I might be insane.

I might not have thought this through.

I have 102 things to do!

But no matter, I want to hear from you!

The Annual Blogmas Contest Starts Today!

 May the best Blogmas Blogger win!

How to enter:

  • Create a blogmas post! Your post must be all about Christmas, see my previous post on “How To Blogmas”
  • Once you have created and published your post, drop your link to that post below in the comments. ALSO, this is important, do NOT just drop the link by itself (it will go directly to my spam), so you must also leave a one-line summary of your blogmas post 😀
  • Check out at least two other blogmas posts and comment beneath their links so I can see that you did so (#community)
  • You can only drop ONE LINK, so if you want to wait until Dec 25th to choose that is alright.
  • Must be subscribed (following) to my page to keep up with contest announcements



  • Holiday Spirit! No really, by posting and reading blogmas posts, you should definitely feel some holiday spirit!
  • I will publish my top three favorite Blogmas posts on my Blog Site. The top blogmas post winner will also be accompanied by a short author bio and link back to the winner of course. I have nearly 2,000 followers so this will be good exposure for your blog!
  • A fun time! Christmas is a happy time and hopefully, through this contest you can meet other bloggers and other bloggers can meet you! I can’t wait to read all the amazing Blogmas posts!


Merry Blogmas Everyone!

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Poetry Selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest: Including MissMWriter, Illumine the Stars, Balroop2013, Heather Pfeifle, A Writer’s Soul, and Castorblog

As you all know, I am thrilled with how the End of Summer Poetry Contest concluded and to keep the fun going, I’ve decided to continue sharing some of my favorite submissions.

 (These do not come in any specific order or ranking.)

Here we go!

From MissMWriter, we have “The Summer of Lost”

“The air is hot.

The floor is sticky.

One fan in the front.

One fan in the back.

Stuck in the middle

of this wind turbine . . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


From Illumine the Stars, we have “Always”

“They say,

“seasons come and go,”

but we made one last.

The summer of ’99

It was just us,

walking hand in hand . . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


From Balroop2013, we have “Summer Love”

“In awe I looked at you
And the shimmering dew
Bashful beauty allured green shade
In your welcome they all swayed

When you tiptoed in. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)

From Heather Pfeifle, we have “One Last Walk with Grandma”

“Come walk with me one last time; take me by the hand,

Let both your feet sink deep into the sand.

Listen to the ocean waves roll in with the tide,

Watch the blazing sunset as you stand close by my side.

Hear the seagulls cry out, telling us goodnight. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


From A Writer’s Soul, we have “The Magic of Us”

Let the breeze blow your hair back,
Let your top roll back; throw your hair back as you laugh into the wind.
We’ve been here before,
My hand in yours, southern magnolia weaved in your hair just some kind of way,
Singing to the stars, riding the waves of the next adventure,
And there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Misty eyed and hazy lets get drunk under the serenaded stars,
Throwing the bottle back and making wishes that will never come true,
But God, we act like they will.
The moon rises as you put your lips on mine,
Soft and gentle as a ripple in the lake where we first met,
The one where the sun would filter through the trees just so,
And the water would reflect all that glitters and dances on the mirage…
Next to the fields we would sway in, watching those fireflies dance around us,
Casting a soft light on our interlocked bodies,
Never knowing how we ended up so lost in each other…But I’m getting lost in thought,

Reminiscing on the way we were in the summer heat,
Lazy and wrapped up in nothing but each other . . .” (Finish Reading HERE!)

From Castorblog, we have “Demento Mori”

“long has the heat covered the pain
night after night again and again

with every raindrop a tear I can spare
feelings unravel in darkness I stare

feeling like ice in the late summer spinn
a dementor. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


And that is the finale of the End of Summer Poetry Contest! Thank you again to everyone who participated, liked, commented, reblogged, and overall just really elevated this entire experience.

100 house points to all of you!

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Poetry Selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest Including: Sarah Al-Haddad, Walt’s Writings, Taylor Finn, The Woman, and Jason A. Muckley

As you all know, I was amazed with how the End of Summer Poetry Contest concluded and to keep the fun going, I’ve decided to continue sharing some of my favorite submissions.

 (These do not come in any specific order or ranking.)

Here we go!

From Sarah Al-Haddad, we have “Ocean”

“The waves
Keep calling
Your name.”

(Read more from this amazing blogger HERE!)


From Walt’s Writings, we have “A Summer Love Haiku”

“They met on the beach

While on summer vacation
Love ended too soon.”


From Taylor Finn, we have “

“The Summer flickers into the year with lingering regrets;
A medley of melted marshmallows and perfume laced bug sprays.
It’s not a storm like the Spring, raging in, forcing growth and change, no.
Summer stumbles with no direction, as if lost in all this sunlight. . .”

(Read more from this blogger HERE!)

From The Woman, we have “Summer of Darkness”

“. . . Sand and smiles with the
Saucy *shush* of the silver waves
Life and laughter lighting up
Little gatherings of lovers

Instead became
The season of death
Turning light to dark
Smoke blocking out. . .”

(Finish reading this story HERE!)

From Jason A. Muckley, we have “New Season”

“Summer is ending
The heat recedes
School buses roaming
And school bells ring
Local pools close their doors
Camps and cabins fall silent. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)

Well that is it for today folks, stop back in next Thursday for another round of wonderful selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest! Another HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted their poems, you guys did an amazing job!

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Poetry Selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest: Including Christine Bolton, The Feeling Spleen, Dorinda Duclos, The Darkest Fairy Tale, and Ethan D. Eagar

As you all know, I am thrilled with how the End of Summer Poetry Contest concluded and to keep the fun going, I’ve decided to continue sharing some of my favorite submissions.

 (These do not come in any specific order or ranking.)

Here we go!

From Christine Bolton, we have “Senses of Summer”

“The scent of gardenias

Floating on late afternoon air

Sweetly fragrant and tender

Nothing can compare

Spanish Moss hanging in dreadlocks . . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


From The Feeling Spleen, we have “Different Shades of Sunshine”

“When did you know it was


to come home?”

When I didn’t just want the sun to bounce off my


but to seep all the way . . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


From Dorinda Duclos, we have “Firelight Fizzles”

“The fire burned, ever so slowly
We watched, as flames grew high

Each stick thrown into the pile
Seemed to let out a hideous cry

As the fiery mass engulfed it . . . ” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)

From the Darkest Fairy Tale, we have “Moments”

“The sun sets
After a burning day,
Admiring the last glimpse
Of its Intoxicating rays.
As music dances. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)

From Ethan D Eagar, we have “Warming Breeze”

“Tension sways a load

Nigh the old window

Deftly gripping with unease

Shy dew drops hold taut

Another year’s wash. . .” (Finish Reading and Click Here!)


Well that is it for today folks, stop back in next Thursday for another round of wonderful selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest! Another HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted their poems, you guys did an amazing job!

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Winners of the End of Summer Poetry Contest are. . .

Thank you to everyone who participated in this poetry contest, to everyone who reblogged, liked, and commented, to everyone to watched the LIVE broadcast, THANK YOU.

Let me also add that this was one of the harder contests that I have ever judged. I went back and forth numerous times over my top 3. In the end, I judged based on relevancy to summer, structure, flow, emotional appeal, and syntax.

Now, without further delay, here are the results of the End of Summer Poetry Contest!

Image result for third place

In third place, we have a tie!

Both TShaw and Eugenia produced such wonderfully succinct, summer-themed poems with wonderful diction that I could not decide between them. They tie for 3rd place!

From T.Shaw, we have “Yesterday, I Saw Time

“Yesterday, I saw Time

Strumming a guitar. Digits

Professing that

Summer was gone,

Chewed, and swallowed like

A grape. Still, he picked

Strings, pining for her

To return and sing.”

From Eugenia, we have “Cyclical Activity

“relics in the sand

farewell hush of ebbing tide

summer whodunits

cosmos of cosmos

hazy lazy dog days wane

summer slumbers

Image result for second place

In second place, December Rose and their poem “Shimmer in Blue“!

I was designed                               for a shimmer in blue                       for a merry sailor tune

for all of the things                                      that titillate you

I can see                                  the wide open sea                                  the salt air breeze

like a veil and ring                            like my bride to be

and so                        I ebb and flow                                    I ne’er let go

let the words sing                      into an ocean throe.

Now my heart throbs                       and floats and bobs                          as I ask the cob

why roots start growing                       where there’s a meal on the hob.

He looks at me with a tear in his eye         he says to me that he learned to fly

on a warm, summer day with a clear blue sky      but for every memory adventures bring

you never forget your first goodbye.

Image result for first place

In first place, and winner of the End of Summer Poetry Contest, we have Jillian’s “Pause at Sunset”

“Guilded rays of dusk strike
their tendrils through the tree leaves;
the rale of the Summer season
as nothing more than the Zephyr
that moves through the green
in a calm waft
or breeze.
he is appreciated
in southern heat
sticky skin relieved
if but for a moment
’til cool showers can clean off
the gritty salt
of another day’s hard work.

They call for Autumn to come early
come quickly
but will soon regret
Summer Death
when Winter Frost unseats her.”

(Check out more of this amazing blogger HERE!)

And just like that, the End of Summer Poetry Contest is finished!

Thank you again everyone! With my busiest season right around the corner, I most likely will not be hosting another contest until December when I will be hosting my annual Blogmas Contest! Be sure to check it out then! Meanwhile, get back to blogging, writing, painting, reading, or whatever else you love!

-Kayla Ann, Author


End of Summer Poetry Contest: Going LIVE with Results in 3. . 2. . 1. .

Calling All Bloggers!

I will be going LIVE on Facebook later today. For an exact countdown to the moment, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter where I will be posting updates! During this LIVE broadcast, I will be talking about my own blogging experiences, answering questions from other bloggers and revealing who won the End of Poetry Contest!

Going Live

I hope to see many of you there!

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