Blogmas 2017, Poetry

Blogmas Poem: Time to Remember

“Howling wind slows midflight
At the sound of the infant’s cry
It too must take a breath,
To watch a miracle unfold.
The baying mule pauses its cry
When it hears the baby’s laughter.
He wonders who is the cream-colored creature
Asleep in his trough of hay.
A young mother pauses her prayers
To meet the heavy eyes of a father.
Their journey reflected in his joyful eyes;
A journey of trial and triumph.
Angels of fire and light release
A breath held, a too-long pause.
Their voices crescendo, shaking the Heavens
and waking sleeping men.
Magi with presents that shine
And shimmer; complete the fervent
Journey to bow in wonder
At a bundle swathed in cloths.
And now we students pause,
Suspend our studies, to remember
A story, to take a moment to praise
The birth of a Savior.​”
**This poem was originally written and published in a school yearbook in 2014; however, I have re-visited it so that I could publish it for MindEscapes Christmas Challenge***
Today’s prompt word is Magi.

Happy Blogmas!


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