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Writing Tip: Scrap Your Work . . .

Yup, this one kind of sucks.

But before you just start dumping all of your work in the trash can or incinerator, read what I have to say.

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“Scrap Your Work When Necessary.

As you all know, I am typing away furiously each and every day in the attempt to finish my 75,000 word manuscript for The Agency Games by May 31st. That means that every word counts. Just this week however I had to scrap entire chapter… over 4,000 words…


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Let’s just say, that was not easy, but after giving it to a trusted Beta-reader, I had no choice. The chapter was attempting to discuss both Haymitch and Cinna at the same time and my Beta-reader just ended up more confused than enlightened. Not the response I was looking for. So, it had to go.

And guess what. I’m re-writing those characters into two separate chapters and I’ve already received some positive feedback from the same Beta-reader.

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Writing is hard and scrapping your own work can really suck, but it can also be necessary. So don’t be afraid to toss those sentences, paragraphs, pages, and yes, even chapters!

Happy Writing Everyone!



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