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Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s the day after and I am sure that everyone is stuffed with turkey, ham, potatoes, green beans, rolls, cookies, pie, and more. I know I am!

On that train of thought, I figured I would share some of my annual Thanksgiving traditions (since you guys enjoyed my Halloween traditions).

Every year on the day before Thanksgiving, my mom and I (and now my boyfriend also) spend the entire day making baked goods that include Turkey Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Pumpkin Logs, Candied Pecans, and Pumpkin Pie! I can’t give away all our recipes (some are secret), but I can give you some!

Here we go!

Turkey Cookies 


For this recipe you’ll need Queen Anne chocolate-covered cherries, Fudge Stripes Cookies, Candy corn, and vanilla frosting.


First you’ll want to cut one cookie in half to form the feet of the turkey. Next, using frosting, you’ll paste five candy corns to the back of a whole cookie to form the wings of the turkey. Also using frosting, you paste a smaller candy corn to the front of a Queen Anne chocolate (its the beak!). Then put frosting on the bottom of the chocolate candy and on the back to attach it to the wings and the feet.


Ta-daaa! Turkey army time! They are pretty delicate so, to help the frosting set, place the cookies in the fridge for a couple of minutes.

Candied Pecans

For this recipe you will want a bag of pecan halves (four cups), 3 large eggs (just use the egg whites), sugar (1 cup), cinnamon (1 teaspoon), and butter (1/2 stick).


Mix egg whites, sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl. Then mix in 4 cups of pecan halves. Melt down the butter and coat the tin foil covered baking pan. Spread out the pecans on the sheet and bake at 350degrees for 30 minutes and flip them every 10 minutes.


They’re delicious!

Royal Icing Flooding Cookies

These are a new addition to our tradition.

We make our own dough from scratch and then cut out the fun pieces!

After letting the cookies cool overnight we prepped all our colors!


We’re still learning, but I think these came out great!


Why so many desserts, you might ask?! You might see those plates in the background. Every year on Thanksgiving morning we take several plates of sweets to our neighbors and to the workers at the Fire Station near my house. It’s probably one of my favorite things to do! 😀

What are some of your family traditions?




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Happy Halloween! Recipes, Carvings, and Costumes.. oh boy!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

For this Halloween, I decided to share some of my annual traditions. Be sure to comment below on your own traditions!


Every Halloween, my family and I gather together to carve up pumpkins and harvest those delicious pumpkin seeds. You know this makes me think of a poem by Claire Yang, I suggest you read it 😀

Anyway, if you have never had pumpkin seeds before and you are interested in this delicious snack, here is what you do.

  • De-seed that pumpkin and do your best to get “clean seeds”. In other words, you don’t want giant mounds of pumpkin goop still attached. As you can see in the picture above, I have some goop left but not a ton.
  • Next, spread our your seeds on a baking pan (make sure to put down spray first) and cover with salt. (Hint: you want a thin layer of seeds)
  • Heat the oven to 400degrees and pop those babies in
  • After ten minutes take them out and flip them, resalt and stick them in for another 10min
  • Take them out, give them a couple minutes to cool and then enjoy your salty, crunchy, scrumptious snack!

The seeds are like a reward for all the hard work you put into carving your pumpkin. Here are some of my families’s pumpkins!


Can you guess which one is mine?

We also added in a new tradition this year as we are attempting to learn how to do royal icing cookies! These types of cookies take hours (sometimes days). For instance, this design took two days to cook and then frost since you have to allow time in between frosting.


This is the first stage of frosting plus some of our cooked pumpkin seeds! Anyone else’s mouth watering yet?

Here’s our finished product!


*Decided to treat the girls at work 👍🏻

My family never misses the chance to dress up! While I usually go all-out, this year I’m keeping it simple and going as a scarecrow while my boyfriend goes as the farmer. Here I am!


Is anyone else dressing up? What are your family traditions?

Be sure to comment below!