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Pixarfest at Disneyland and California Adventure

Let me just start this post by saying, I LOVE Disneyland and I LOVE California Adventures.

So this weekend, my fiancé and I decided to go spend a day at Disneyland. On our way there we saw a billboard that announced “Pixarfest” which had started two days previously.

Although we were worried about the crowds, we were excited to see how all the construction had turned out. We assumed that the Pixarfest would be celebrating the completion of the Pixar Pier (previously known as the Paradise Pier). The below photo belongs to Disney and it shows their plans for Paradise Pier.

This photo belongs to Disney

While on the tram, heading into the park, we spoke to a mother of two young children. She too was interested in seeing how the new-Pixar-themed rides and stores had turned out.

When we entered the theme parks there was definitely a Pixar feeling in the air. Red, blue, and yellow decorated banners and buildings. Both parks were decorated and even planters outside of the parks were spotting some familiar characters…

However, Paradise Pier was NOT Pixar Pier and it was still under construction.

As it turns out, after speaking with a cast member, Pixarfest is NOT connected to Pixar Pier or the new Pixar land. Instead it is simply an alternative festival going on (like that of the Wine and Food Festival). Pixar Pier is not scheduled for completion until June 23rd (while Pixarfest will be ending early September).

Pixarfest does offer theme-specific parades, shows, food, and merchandise. As an extra bonus, the Animation Studio in DCA is focusing specifically on Pixar-characters such as The Little Green Aliens and Jack-Jack (which I tried my hands at in drawing).

It was a ton of fun; however, I felt a kind of let down after realizing that the new “land” was not opened. Of course, I don’t know a lot about marketing (especially for ginormous corporations) and such, but this seems like a missed opportunity for Disney! Why not wait to introduce Pixarfest until Pixar Pier was complete? Then have one big celebration!

Regardless, any day spent at Disney is magical!

What do you think? Did Disney miss their opportunity?


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