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We Build Up These Walls Between Us

Brick by brick, the wall rises and looms

Didn’t we just tear it down?

Mortar, brick, stone, gravel, and dirt

Piled on top, higher and higher

Building the wall back up

Didn’t we just tear it down?

Why is it that every time we clear the rubble,

Every time we can finally reach each other across no-man’s land,

When our hands can finally touch,

Why is it, then, that you decide to start rebuilding

Your damn wall?

And why is it every time the wall is rebuilt that you call for my help to tear it down?

And why am I pulling on my gloves?

Why am I grabbing my shovel?

Why am I so willing to break my bones and see my blood run

Just to help tear down a wall

That you will just rebuild?


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