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Blogmas: Are You on the Nice List this Year?

We are celebrating Christmas this month and I would like to form my own “Nice List” of my most supportive followers! While I am blessed by each and every one of you, there are some among you who need special recognition for the incredible support you rain down on my blog!


Thank you to ALL of my followers and a special thank you to those who have been so attentive to my blog lately!

**Please note this is not a list of most supportive to least supportive, this is just a list of those who I have been extremely supportive of my blog (often liking, commenting, and reblogging), especially lately! If I did not mention you, please do not feel left out, I still greatly appreciate your support!

***Also, a very special shout-out to a new blogger named TShaw who has recently started her own blog and is participating in Blogmas. Be sure to check her out! She just recently added a new, wonderful, heart-warming blogmas post about Frosty the Snowman!