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Book Review Lottery – Drop Your Books HERE

This Book Lottery is Now Closed; thank you!

What’s the hardest part about being an author? Is it the planning, the outlining, the drafting, the editing? Is it the revising, the publishing, the promoting? Being an author is HARD, but sometimes the hardest part in simply getting people to choose your book out of the millions of books released every year! Even harder than that is getting someone who has read your book to REVIEW your book!

I see this every day; authors working so hard and yet it seems impossible for them to garner more reviews. This is where I have decided to help support my writing community as much as possible.

#SupportanAuthor #WriteaReview

Whenever I have the time/money, I will post what I call the “Book Review Lottery.” During the next 24 hours, the comment section will be opened to authors who want to submit their books for review.

Let me explain how it all works:

  • Authors will submit their book titles, genre, links, AND a compelling blurb advertising their book!
    • If you are missing any of these components, your book will most likely not be chosen.
    • Please no horror, gore, or erotica (Thank you!)

  • I will choose one of the books to read and review. I will let you know personally if I have chosen your book.
  • Time allowing, I will read and post a review to your book within a month.
  • The reviews will be posted on Amazon, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram (story), Facebook, and Goodreads.
    • I will only post a review if I feel comfortable giving it 3 stars or more. If I feel that the book deserves less than 3 stars, I will send my review directly to the author and ask if they still want me to post it on Amazon (only).


That’s it! So Drop those Titles, Genres, Links, and Book Blurbs in the Comments!

23 thoughts on “Book Review Lottery – Drop Your Books HERE”

  1. Thank you for this opportunity, Kayla!

    Mystical Greenwood is a Young Adult High Fantasy novel. It’s about a boy named Dermot, whose life changes when he meets a gryphon and then a healer. He and his brother Brian are drawn into an epic conflict of good vs. evil. They encounter sorcerers, dragons, and unicorns. In the process, they discover something sacred and magical within the forests they travel through, and something more about themselves too. It was a Finalist in the 2019 American Fiction Awards for Fantasy: Epic/High Fantasy, sponsored by American BookFest. Available in Paperback, Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited), and Nook.

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  2. Thanks for the opportunity, Kayla Ann! Here goes:

    Title: Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl
    Genre: memoir
    Facebook: http://www.facebook/marianbeaman
    Twitter: @martabeaman

    What if the Mennonite life young Marian Longenecker chafed against offered the chance for a new beginning? What if her two Lancaster County homes with three generations of family were the perfect launch pad for a brighter future? Readers who long for a simpler life can smell the aroma of saffron-infused potpie in Grandma’s kitchen, hear the strains of four-part a capella music at church, and see the miracle of a divine healing.

    Follow the author in pigtails as a child and later with a prayer cap, bucking a heavy-handed father and challenging church rules. Feel the terror of being locked behind a dark cellar door. Observe the horror of feeling defenseless before a conclave of bishops, an event propelling her into a different world.

    Fans of coming-of-age stories will delight in one woman’s surprising path toward self-discovery, a self that lets her revel in shiny red shoes.

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  3. Hi KaylaAnn

    I have started to review books written by WordPress bloggers recently and I have received many comments and lovely emails showing how much our independent writers who are usually self-publishing appreciate the support of reviews. I am sure that bloggers/writers who have published a book will be very grateful to you!

    I myself took on the challenge of writing a fiction. At the end of July 2019 I saw a writing prompt set by a WordPress blogger and was inspired. That first short story became part of the first Chapter of my first novel (published in February 2020). I published over 100 (I think 140 in total) short posts on my blog containing Annabelle’s story before I eventually transferred it to a Word document and added another 100,000 words. The end result of that writing prompt which another blogger inspired was a three part novel series The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series.

    I began with the idea of writing a lighthearted romantic comedy, but I kept on adding personal experiences and real life situations and the story changed into something that is more an epic emotional voyage. It features the story of my main character Annabelle Riley (who seems like the adorable girl next door type) as she finally recognises that she needs to address mental health issues which she has been hiding for a long time. The three part series is on the whole light hearted, however it contains romance, friendships, life lessons and a roller coaster ride as characters battle their mistakes, guilt and shame and try to fix some of the damage they have caused.

    I think my favourite book is the third book (I put my whole heart into that part of Annabelle’s story) but Book One is essential to setting the scene and getting to know the characters that feature throughout the series.

    KaylaAnn, I started this blog in April 2018 and I would never ever have imagined that after two years of blogging I would have five novels and one poetry book out on Amazon. It is because of all the inspiration, support and encouragement of other WordPress bloggers. I had wonderful comments throughout the writing process for the LEARNERS AT LOVE series and it the journey from a single flash fiction post to seeing a three part novel series published was one of the most exciting things I have done on WordPress. I loved seeing my baby growing and finally being up there on Amazon for real!!! I shared by writing and publishing journey in numerous posts (these are only a few of them!)

    This was my first baby!!! The first part of The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series is called:
    “We Hide What We Hate About Ourselves”

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      1. ❤ I think you can probably tell I still feel the excitement! I am sure you understand how it feels to watch story grow and then hold a paperback copy in your hands and then hear from your friends what they think of your story. It's such a rewarding experience.

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  4. Cleo’s Big Ideas: Onward and Upward!, early chapter book.

    Cleopatra W.Darby is full of big ideas, like the letters in her name she has a slew of them. Cleo’s the queen of being “green”. She’s into recycling, reusing and renewing.
    In this her second book, Cleo is faced with having Ms. Mason, not a fan of big ideas, as a teacher, and trying to get Winston her pet tortoise to win as school mascot. But when she hears that space junk is about to blast her elementary school, Cleo puts those thoughts aside. She and her big ideas have to come to the rescue. But how will she do it?

    ** I also wrote a free ebook about Cleo and how she and her friends deal with the pandemic.
    You can check it out at

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  5. What a great idea, Kayla. Here’s my book spiel:

    Welcome to #Blackbirch. It’s a place no one forgets. Except for Josh Taylor.‬

    ‪A small town steeped in a history of witchcraft. Haunting nightmares. Premonitions. Shared magical abilities. Friendship. Love. Dark secrets.‬


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  6. Hi so nice of you to offer. My main genre is YA Fantasy.

    Summary of Book:
    A unique, imaginative mystery full of crystal magic-wielding, and dark elements. Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl Esme who’s imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house. When an unexpected message arrives inviting Amelina to visitthe Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden pathway where she encounters Ryder, a charismatic, but perplexing stranger.
    With the help of a magical paint set, and some crystal wizard stones she discovers the truth about a shocking curse that has destroyed her family’s happiness.

    A magical YA/paranormal fantasy with dark elements set in Cambridge, England.

    Read the reviews:

    If that isn’t your thing let me know, I’ve also written a book about Lockdown and a poetry, prose and photography book all on Amazon. 🙂

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