80,000 Word Challenge

80,000 Word Count Challenge (FINISHED!!)

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram or Twitter accounts, I finally finished the rough draft of my WIP last Thursday!

The Runic Saga: Book One

When I originally started this summer challenge, I had hoped to reach 80,000 words in 10 weeks.

Instead I reached 99,641 words in 11 weeks and I am thrilled! I know that The Runic Saga has a TON of revision in it’s future, but I am so happy with how this draft turned out! Update 6

I have sent out my copy to two Beta-Readers who I trust entirely to give me feedback on general story and plot elements. After I receive their feedback, then the real battle begins with editing, revisions, query letters, and hopefully publishing! I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the journey.

Interested in The Runic Saga? Read a blurb here!

Happy Writing Everyone!

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