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Summer Blog Party! #writingcommunity

Hey Everyone! It’s been WAAAAAAY too long since I have hosted a Blog Party!

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For those of you who are not aware what a blog party is let me break it down. Generally speaking, a blog party is an online gathering for bloggers of all kinds to meet and engage with one another. On Twitter, something similar is referred to as a #writerslift but it’s meant to be a bit more social than that

Here are some simple steps you can take:

Like. Comment. Engage. Reblog

  1. LIKE: You do not need to be following my blog to participate, but I always appreciate a like if you’re enjoying the Blog Party!
  2. COMMENT: Tell us your name, leave us a blurb about your blog, and THEN attach your link!
    1. Please do not just drop a link (my blog is set up where it will see it as spam)
  3. ENGAGE: Blog Parties are not about simply promoting your blog/work. Engagement is where the party begins. Please visit AT LEAST two other blogs and leave them genuine feedback on their comments below.
  4. REBLOG: Spread the fun by encouraging your own followers to join in the party! The best way to meet and interact new bloggers is by spreading the word so that we can meet people outside our normal “sphere of bloggers.”


Blog Party Manners:

  1. You never have to follow anyone just because they follow you. However, it is good manners to always return a page visit for a page visit.
    • Did someone stop by your blog, like a post, or leave a comment? Do the same for them! (It only takes a minute.)
  2. Please do not comment “I just followed your blog, please follow back!” or anything similar. You will be booted from the party.
    • Follow the blogs you are honestly interested in; don’t play the “follow game.”


This Blog Party will be held and moderated exclusively July 1st – July 3rd so don’t miss out!

Think I should host a Blog Party monthly? Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to meet new bloggers, instagrammers, Twitterers, facebookers, etc.!


Invite your friends, reblog, and share with your blogging community!

127 thoughts on “Summer Blog Party! #writingcommunity”

  1. Sharing another comment left on my blog –

    Hi all, my name on here is Joseph R. Mason, this is my birth name and the name I write under. My legal name is different because I was adopted. I write mainly for my own pleasure in the hope someone else might like it too. I write a lot of poetry and am on my second YA fantasy book. All can be found on my WordPress blog

    If you look and like, please follow me.

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  2. Hello everyone, and thank you, Kayla Ann, for doing this!
    Parties that you don’t need to leave the house for are the best!

    The duck and my blog is about our (lazy) adventures. It’s a collection of things that we did, ate, came across or think about, with the occasional photograph, (travel or animation) video or doodle thrown in. It’s mostly just a place for us to be somewhat creative.
    We did a little bit of traveling in Japan and Germany. These days, most of our trips are to the kitchen, for another cup of tea.

    Here’s a link to our blog:

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      1. Thank you! I’m actually sitting on the Quad at UJ right now… every year, I take a trip here on my bike to where I used to live, listening to some great 90s rock (I’m about 30 miles from home, on a lunch break, then I’m going to ride around some more), and I’m going to take buses home when I get too exhausted.

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  3. The cheetah and I are late to the party…..see,someone was lighting forworks way past their time and the cheetah got pissed and escaped the house. I dunno what happened but he came back with a foot in his mouth and I’m seeing cop cars everywhere.

    But now we’re here and we like to share our interview with writer Darnell Cureton with you all!!

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  4. Only just saw your post ❤

    I started blogging on WordPress a couple of years ago under the name CRUSHED CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE), but I dropped the “crushed as of 2020”.

    I believe my first ever post was a poem I wrote when I was around 17, which is very special to me:

    I started blogging on WordPress without any idea what I was doing, but then I found to my surprise I loved it. I especially loved taking part in prompts and challenges and getting to know other bloggers. I have tried to keep my site varied and colourful. A year ago, I started experimenting with fiction for the first time, and I have ended up with four books on Amazon, and another about to be published on 1st August.

    Never expected writing would become such a big thing for me!

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      1. Thanks Kayla!
        I was sleepy tired last night when I saw your Blog Party. I checked out all the other bloggers who had already left comments and followed quite a lot of them. Some great bloggers who I have never come across before. That’s why I love a blogging party! ❤

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