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80,000 Word Count Challenge Update (2)

It’s Time for Update #2!

Alright, so it has been one full month since I posted the start to my 80,000 Word Count in 10 Weeks Challenge! (If you did not read that post, you can read it here!) Today, I am here again keeping myself accountable!

After four weeks of writing every day, my goal word count was 32,000 words. I have a grand total of . . .

32,595 Words

Update 2

To be more precise, I am at the beginning of Chapter 8. I have 107 pages and 32595 ,words.

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Throughout this writing challenge, I have held to my technique of stopping after a certain point, even when I REALLY wanted to keep writing (which is why I am so close to my target goal). I really believe that this is part of the reason why I have been successful so far. I avoid burnout and block all at the same time! (You can read about how to do that HERE).

I have six weeks left of my writing challenge and I am feeling confident in reaching my goal. Part of that is because of my techniques and dedication, sure, but another part of that is the support I get in person and online! Thank you for joining me and supporting me in this challenge.

I would love to hear more about YOUR projects so that I can support you in return! In the comments below let me know what you’re working on or drop me a link to your latest project!



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26 thoughts on “80,000 Word Count Challenge Update (2)”

  1. Good luck! I completed NaNoWriMo in 2017. I put it away because of being so overwhelmed with the editing/finishing process. But I drug it back out last week and began the process. I have another idea that I want to work on but I’m trying to make myself finish this one first.

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      1. I agree. But it’s been almost 3 years and I have a friend now who has the same name as my main character so it really messes with me since they are nothing alike. Now I’m going to have to change her name! 😆

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  2. That’s so awesome, KaylaAnn! Good luck on reaching your goal! I just got done with my own writing project. It’s a bit over 24,000 words. I wasn’t expecting to write so much. For my most recent project I gave fan fiction writing a try as well as romance. I’ve never done written for any of those two before.

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      1. It’s for this Chinese novel called “The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation” by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. I just got done posting it on my blog if you ever want to read it.

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  3. You are doing really well, Kayla. I try to write 1 500 words on Saturdays and Sundays and another 1 500 words during the week on my novels. Sometimes the week’s writing is split into three sessions depending on how much time I have available. If I am very lucky, I get to write a bit more during the week. My latest book is 110 000 words and it has taken me a 11 months to write it. I plan for it to be released in October for Halloween. I work full time and have two sons so this method works for me and I don’t get burnout or exhaustion.

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    1. Roberta that’s amazing work! Especially with working and family! I’m very lucky right now. As a teacher, I’m on summer “break.” Still working on curriculum from home, but I have much more time to write. What is your current project about?


  4. Wow! What an awesome achievement! My next goal is to write another poetry book and do my own illustrations similar to my last book. I want the poems to geared toward nature and children.

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