Coronavirus & Online Instructions

Hey guys . . .

Anyone else feel like the world has been flipped upside down and turned inside out? In a matter of just days, everything changed. The last week has been, I don’t even know how to say it, a memorable experience.

Here in California, we have done our best to keep our schools open as long as possible. As of last Friday, that was no longer possible and schools were ordered to be shut down until April 3rd. As of yesterday, schools are ordered to remain closed until April 30th with a high chance of not reopening again until next Fall.

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Unlike many other public schools in CA, the private school that I work for has re-directed all instruction to be continued online instead of cancelled entirely and I am beyond grateful for this for multiple reasons. Selfishly, I am grateful that I still have my job, my income, and my connection with my kiddos. Thinking of my students, I am grateful that they will have this online portal. It will become a place for them interact with their teachers, each other, and give them focus during the weeks in isolation.

That being said, we’ve gone through 48 hours of intense online training and while I feel more adept at it than 48 hours ago, I know I still have so much to learn!

Any online teachers out there who can offer me some new ways to engage with my students with education, connection, and FUN in mind?!



20 thoughts on “Coronavirus & Online Instructions”

        1. I’m hanging in there! I actually just posted about my recent absence, but I’m here to stay! I’ll be setting aside that intentional blogging time (I’ve MISSED the blogging community). Scones also sound delicious by the way! You wouldn’t happen to have an excellent recipe?

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  1. My daughter is doing the same thing. She’s an assistant first grade teacher at a private school and is in meetings in her room 🙂 She is happy she can bring the dog to work with her – LOL. Got any toilet paper?

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    1. Those were some great ideas. I think the thing we struggled the most with when it came to online learning was just the individual motivation of each student when it feels like their world is falling apart.

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  2. I would recommend having the kids write and perform free form poetry if they are old enough to do so. This is a time they need for children to vent their feelings more.

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