The Agency Games

Agency in the Hunger Games BOOK GIVEAWAY! ($40 Value)

Have you read Suzanne Collins famous trilogy The Hunger Games? Have you perhaps only seen the movies? Have you rooted for Katniss, argued over Peeta vs. Gales, fallen in love with Finnick? Have you often drawn parallels between the society of Panem and our own in which you feel unable to exercise your own sense of agency?

If you answered, “yes!” to any of the above questions, then you will enjoy reading my newly released book, Agency in The Hunger Games: Desire, Intent, and Action in the Novels.

You can win your very own free copy by participating today in my Book Giveaway!

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WINNER will be announced on a LIVE Feed the day of my Book Release Party (February 23rd)

For 21st-century young adults struggling for personal autonomy in a society that often demands compliance, the bestselling trilogy, The Hunger Games remains palpably relevant despite its futuristic setting. For Suzanne Collins’ characters, personal agency involves not only the physical battle of controlling one’s body but also one’s response to such influences as morality, trauma, power and hope.
The author explores personal agency through in-depth examinations of the lives of Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, Cinna, Primrose, and others, and through an analysis of themes like the overabundance of bodily imagery, social expectations in the Capitol, and problem parental figures.
Readers will discover their own “dandelion of hope” through the examples set out by Collins’ characters, who prove over and over that human agency is always attainable.



18 thoughts on “Agency in the Hunger Games BOOK GIVEAWAY! ($40 Value)”

  1. My favorite HG character (as hard as it is to choose) is Katniss, as cliche as that sounds. But I just love watching her character change and develop due to her relationships with Peeta, Gale, Rue, Haymitch, etc. And of course, in experiencing the games and then becoming the Mockingjay, she went from being indifferent about the Games to the symbol of the rebellion, determined to bring Snow down.

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  2. My favorite character, Snow and Katniss. On the surface, they represented enemy & hero (victor). But they weren’t so much different. They both were embodied the system they were created from. Instinctually, they did what was in their nature. Snow, although sinister, really wore his insecurities and fear, whenever Katniss tap into her own confidence. She was following a strong force within that she couldn’t keep contained. It was instinct that she wanted to help save and restore balance.
    People were drawn to her confidence, because she did it without hesitation. It was only when Peete (Achilles heel) pulled on her heart, did we see her vulnerability. She feel in love with physical opposite. We all thought it would be Gayle, but he didn’t know how to express compassion on which Peete could reach in Katniss.
    Snow, expressed envy for Katniss in his own way. Even until the end, he envy her will power and confidence. Something he never could get too. Without the people approval, stripped away from his richest, Snow was empty and alone. Everyone around him respect him out of fear. Everyone around Katniss respect her out of courage. She influence many even when she didn’t intentional wanted to. Confidence is contagious. Gayle felt it too. He was just a shiny thing on surface, but Katniss wanted substance.
    Peete was brave, because he never stopped loving Katniss. I think when he was programmed to hate her. He really was fighting against her because she wouldn’t admit her love towards him. He wanted to be by her side, but to many people where involved. He just wanted a life with her. He was speaking the love language, she just kept brushing him off. It would piss me off too. “Clearly, Katniss lived him. Playing like she didn’t.” Plus, Peete was cute!
    There is so much layers in these characters. Can’t wait to read the book. 🤗

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  3. My favorite character was Peeta. He came from a home where he was unappreciated and under valued (I guess I could relate). He hasd such a giving spirit. He put himself on the line so many times for Katniss without ever knowing if she would do the same in return. He just genuinely loved and cared for her with such a selfless heart.

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  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Yes, it’s finally here! If you’ve loved the Hunger Games series. You’ll definitely love to read this gem. Get insight into characters and how relevant it could be to the world were living in. I’m adding this to my reading list. ☺️

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  5. After some careful thinking, I think Cinna might be my favourite character. It’s hard to choose just one, but one could argue that without Cinna’s designs Katniss’ rise and development may not have been so prominent. Through Cinna’s designs he literally transformed Katniss into the Girl on Fire and the Mockingjay.

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    1. So true! I actually have an entire chapter dedicated to Cinna because of his importance not only in the rebellion, but also in assisting Katniss discover and own up to her own agency! Thank you for sharing, you have been entered in the giveaway!


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